Christian Dating Site Pros

Christian Dating Site Pros

christian dating site pros
Christian Dating Site Pros

Folks ask us: “What are some Christian dating site pros?” Each year dating sites are getting more and more popular, as many Christian singles have found success finding their Christian dating site online match. The first boon in Christian dating site use occurred in the USA in the mid-1990s, and has since spread to Australia, Asia, Russia, the UK and the rest of the European Union. Presently, Europe and Asia are experiencing a great expansion of Christian dating site growth.

However, like most everything else in life, becoming a member of a Christian dating site has its pros and cons.

Christian Dating Site Pros

Christian Dating Site Use Expands The Dating Pool

Don’t laugh, but one person I know compares going to a Christian dating site to taking a trip to Haagen-Daz or Baskin Robbins: You have your choice of almost any flavor you wish. Yummy!

Seriously, though, due to the large number of single women and men using Eharmony and other Christian dating sites, a single Christian has a much larger number of potential dates and mates from which to make a choice.

A Christian Dating Site Allows Highly Targeted Searches

Somewhat related to the ice cream analogy (by the way, Mint-Chocolate-Chip is my favorite; oh wait, or is it Chocolate-Chip-Mint?), the large search databases of some dating online sites like ChristianMingle allows Christians dating online to “put in their order” using such variables as age, denomination, vocation, race, appearance and the local area of where one wants to find potential soulmates. Best of all, your potential dating match is also looking for the same thing.

Joining a Christian Dating Site Saves Time

A Christian dating website can save time for busy singles (like Christian single parents, etc) who don’t have the time or energy to find a date in more traditional ways. Single Christians who turn to a Christian dating site have the convenience of meeting someone out of the comfort of their own homes, 24/7. And let’s be real, with the average size of the typical evangelical church hovering at around 90 souls, the pickins are generally slim at best. And how much time have you spent primping yourself to go out to singles activities only to be disappointed at the close of the evening?

A Christian Dating Site Helps Develop Communication Skills

Speaking with other single people on a Christian dating site helps you hone your conversational skills. It’s also an excellent chance to express true thoughts via Christian chatrooms, email, and instant messaging, without feeling as awkward as one could in person. By the time the Christian dating site couple finally does meet, they will be much more comfortable with each other, having laid down a strong emotional foundation.

Recently, I read some of the romantic letters President John Adams wrote his wife, Abigail. when they were separated by 100s of miles. In those days there were no telephones, and pony-delivered mail took days to get to its destination. But oh, the beauty, passion, and depth of those letters! Okay, we’re not in Colonial America, and I may be a romantic idealist, but communicating through an online Christian dating site can help singles experience a little of this magic.

Christian Dating Online Saves You Money

If you’re cheap like me, you’re gonna love this! Almost every Christian dating site on the web offers free trial memberships to get a taste of what each offers. However, for full membership services, most Christian dating site hubs charge between $15 and $30 US dollars per month.

That might seem like a lot of money until you figure out how much time and money you may spend traveling to singles activities, paying entrance fees, buying food, and so forth. Overall, if you are using a good Christian dating site, it is much more economical in the long run than traditional ways of finding a date. For our money, a dating site like Christian Mingle is worth the gamble in 2024

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