Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

The following Christian ladies night out ideas were written by a single Christian female tired on hiatus from  the dating scene:

As a Christian single woman, it shouldn’t be all about looking for a date.  I have found that waiting for that dating match can be a tedious and draining experience. My thought here is one needs a break fro time to time in any endeavor. The best way I have found to “recharge my batteries” is to spend time with other Christian ladies on the town having fun. Not only do I have a blast having Christian Ladies Night Out get togethers, it’s also a chance to compare notes and get advice on dating and relationships. Believe me, it’s better than therapy to spend a night out with like minded single Christian ladies.

Since Christian Ladies Night Out has been so beneficial to me, I have put together a few ladies night out ideas for you to share with your friends.

Top 10 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Arts and craft night
Bowling night
Club, country line or belly dancing lessons (hilarious)
Dinner and Movie night
Book club
Art galleries
Shopping outlet parties
Visit a spa  for a massage or mani-pedi
Learn a new recipe night
Help out at a homeless shelter
Tea and talk night at area Panera or Starbucks

Overall, the point of these ladies night out events is to refresh your mind and spirit and get a better perspective as you refocus on finding that dating mate.

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