Christian Matchmaking Sites

Christian Matchmaking Sites

Christian matchmaking sites are all over the internet. On this page you will find the top Online Christian Matchmaking Sites Christians use.

We pray the Lord uses them for your blessing and His glory. Since most of the below Christian matchmaking and dating services offer some form of free membership trial, we suggest giving each one a try to see which one fits your style and taste.
One small disclaimer here: While there are tons of Christian matchmaking sites that have Christian Dating sections on their websites, they may not be exclusively Christian matchmaking dating sites. This holds even for a personals site like eHarmony.

Ministries like Focus on the Family will support a “Christian matchmaking” dating site like the above because it expounds positive moral values (i.e.: a dating relationship should only be between a man and a woman), and their matchmaking system allows Christian Singles to choose the spiritual and moral values they are looking for in a mate. So, our criterion in selecting Christian matchmaking sites is very similar to that of Focus on the Family. Enjoy!

Top Christian Matchmaking Sites:


Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of this Christian matchmaking site, is on TV so often he’s more recognizable than US President Truimp. As far as Christian matchmaking or matchmaker dating services go, this one is the most popular.

Christian Cafe

This Christian matchmaking site is a good dating site, and one of the fastest growing.

Christian Mingle

One of the largest Christian matchmaking databases for singles. Search a huge data base for Christian Dating and Christian singles fellowship in every state of the US: AK,AZ,AR,CA,CO,CT,DE,FL,GA,HI,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA,ME,

By the way, if you have a Christian matchmaking/dating site or Christian singles group you would like to list on the internet, you can do so right here at Christian dating Service PLUS!

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