Top 7 Dating Mistakes Single Christian Men Make

Top 7 Dating Mistakes Single Christian Men Make

7 dating mistakes single christian men make
7 dating mistakes single Christian men make

Looking for the top dating mistakes single Christian men make?  Many Christian men, myself included, have made dating mistakes. But yo, Christian Men! Can we talk? A lot of you Christian Men out there keep making the same stupid dating mistakes. In fact, I’m really tired of single Christian men whining about not being able to meet any nice girls, when it’s their own goofs that are driving away the promising possibilities.

Finding love in today’s digital age can be challenging, especially when navigating it through the lens of Christian values. As single Christian men venture into the world of dating, there are common pitfalls that can hinder a successful and godly relationship. Let’s dive deep into the top 5 dating mistakes made by single Christian men and how to avoid them.

Our simple piece of dating advice is that many Christian men can avoid making dating mistakes in the future by simply learning what they are, and taking appropriate steps to sincerely change.

Christian Men Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Christian Men Mistake: Prioritizing Physical Attraction Over Spiritual Compatibility

While physical attraction is essential in any relationship, placing it above spiritual compatibility is a grave mistake. God’s design for a Christian relationship centers on spiritual harmony, where both individuals can grow together in their faith.

Solution: Look for potential partners who share your core beliefs and values. While physical attraction can wane over time, a spiritual bond will sustain and deepen a relationship.

Christian Men Mistake: Being Out Of Touch With Her Needs

Every woman has heart needs. Not understanding or caring about what Christain Girls Want in a Guy means you’re probably in the group of whiners we already spoke about. All I’ll say is: If you don’t know your playbook, how can you play?

Christian Men Mistake: Sacrificing Boundaries for Fear of Losing the Relationship

Physical boundaries, in particular, are often overlooked or pushed for fear of appearing prudish or losing interest from the other party. This can lead to compromising situations and sin.

Solution: Set clear boundaries at the beginning of a relationship. Communicate your reasons for these boundaries, ensuring they are rooted in your faith. A partner who respects and understands these limits is likely to be supportive in other areas of the relationship as well.

Christian Men Mistake: Failing to Communicate Your True Feelings

Many guys, including Christian men, have a difficult time expressing their feelings. This happens for a variety of reasons. Some Christian men suffer from low self-esteem, so their fears of rejection hold them from sharing their hearts with a woman. Other Christian men never learned how to converse with the opposite sex.

Christian Men Mistake: Acting Too Meek and Needy

Can anybody say milquetoast? A whole lot of Christian men make this boo-boo by over-exaggerating their sense of Christian meekness in order to win a girl’s heart. Yeah, girls love sensitive guys, but not weasels who pander to their every whim as an overpleasing “yes man.”

By the way, the Biblical meaning of meekness actually means “controlled power”, the exact quality women find irresistible. For better or worse, most women are attracted to men who are perceived as being powerful. Ever wondered why a lot of good girls date bad guys? It’s connected to this phenomenon. Christian men, do you think you can strike a balance here somewhere?

Christian Men Mistake: Yacking About The Ex

My brother did this last week while we were having dinner with his new girlfriend. I tried to kick his leg under the table, but I missed. Bottom line: Nothing soaks the kindling flames of a budding romance more. Too much talk about the ex, and she may think you’re taking her as a rebound relationship.

Christian Men Mistake: Compromising Your Spiritual Walk to Get the Girl

Are you doing things you would not normally do only to impress a girl? That’s not a sign of a healthy Christian dating relationship, and you’ll end up regretting it when the relationship ends. Read chapter 5 and 6 in Proverbs if you don’t believe me.

Overall, no dating relationship is perfect. However, Christian men can improve their chances at at having a satisfying experience if they avoid the above mistakes.

Do you have something to share about dating mistakes and Christian men?

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    • Bambieyes

      In regard to dating mistakes, it’s good to know that Christian men, as well as, Christian women, aren’t in this alone. I am a Christian woman whose been celibate for over 8 years now. Once a man hears this he’s shocked, and then, suddenly uninterested. Or, you have the one who thinks he can change your mind. Well, sorry, I’m in this for the long haul. I’m still human, and I have strong physical desires that are difficult to surppress at time. And, on a few occassions, I have entertained the thought of being with a man for sex, but the Holy spirit stepped in before I gave it a second thought. I thank God daily for giving me a way of escape from temptation. Even after 8 years of celibacy it’s still hard to live this way. I see attractive men deliver at my job and I have to pray immediately after I examine them with my eyes. Or, stop myself before I do it. And, as much as I miss the touch of a man, I will sustain my celibacy until marriage. The man who finds me will have to seek God first because I am so deeply hidden in his heart.

      • Mike

        So hard is it to tell yourself someone is going to have to go through God if they want you, and you are going to lose a lot of perspective dating partners this way, but in the end it is GOD who eventually will send you the one that says” OK, your important enough to wait” and then it will all be worth it. I myself am having a difficult time sticking to this motto and its only been a week of me saying this. After the first few rejections though i think it will be more concrete in my heart and my head that GOD really is wanting to send “her” my way, just when I’ve grown enough and I am ready to take on the responsibility of someone to love, cherish, and encourage in her own walk as well as mine.

        • Jason

          Disagree with the article, but I do understand the intent, and the help you are trying to give brother.

          • Steve

            I believe it’s a two person effort both must give it their all. She is hidden in God’s heart? Well so am I. You do some work too beautiful lady . If the Christian women have to do nothing that’s not fair at all. That is not even biblical! If I can’t be needy ( having needs) what gives a woman the right to have needs? No, if I must stop with my needs, I don’t want to learn about hers. I desire balance! Let’s meet each other’s needs, let’s search through God and find each other hidden in God’s heart. God made Adam and gave him a HELPER … A HELPER ! Not a LAZY woman who SAT there doing no work. Two way relationship.

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