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Christian Penpals for Christian Singles

christian penpalsAre you single and looking for Christian Penpals? Amazingly, you can find Christian Penpals in nearly every country of the world, from the UK and the rest of Europe, to Australia, Africa, South America, North America and Asia. Not only can one find Christian penpals from anywhere (did I leave out Antartica?), a single Christian can also zero in on the kind of Christian penpal they are seeking.

For example, say you’re a Christian single guy looking for a Christian penpal who is a Russian pentacostal female? No problem! There are a large number of Christian penpal groups (we listed the top Christian pen pal sites below) that allow you the ability to search using a number of different variables like age, sex, denomination and location.

Benefits of Being Christian Penpals

There are a lot of benefits to being one of the multiple thousands of Christian Penpals out there:

  • Christian singles who are Christian penpals can find fellowship, encouragement and support though writing to others. Simply put, being a Christian penpal is a great and unique way to minister to others, and be ministered to as well.
  • Many Christian Penpals have developed long distance dating relationships that have culminated in marriage. Anyway, whether you are looking for a mate or just friendship, many Christian penpals have grown deep, life-long relationships that have enriched their lives. What beats that?
  • Being Christian penpals with others is a cool and exciting way to learn about other cultures, whether your penpal lives on the other side of your country, or half way around the globe.
  • It’s an easy and quick process to become a Christian penpal. You simply click onto one of the Christian penpal sites, and search the Christian chatrooms for someone you find interesting. What took months the old fashioned (snail mail) way now takes place in minutes!

Choose a Christian Penpal Site That Fits You

Overall, we give a total “thumbs up” to becoming a Christian penpal because it’s a win-win situation all around. If you’re interested in starting out with online Christian dating services, you could do this as well. I say keep all the irons in the fire!

We suggest to take your time looking around for the Christian penpal site that is just right for you. Some are free, and some penpal services charge a minimal fee. Also some offer Christian dating services, some do not. So, you know what momma said. Shop around!

Finally, we listed some of the best Chrstian penpal services below for your convenience. They service Teen girls, teen guys, single parents, divorced, widows, seniors, etc. You get the picture! Have fun being a Christian penpal!

Christian Penpal Sites We Like:

Denominations with Christian Singles on these sites (not exhaustive):

African Methodist
Calvary Chapel
Christian Missionary Alliance
Greek Orthodox
Roman Catholic
Russian Orthodox
Southern Baptist
Vineyard Christian

Are you a single person with something to share about Christian penpals?

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  1. EDWIN

    Hi to all my christian friends (both male and femle of any age) out there at the middle east. i’m from papua new guinea, a small iland nation in the pacific. please tell me about the historic site,especially the once that are in the Bible. eg the location of garden of eden. contact me through my /

    May God bles you all


  2. Ato Kwamina Anderson

    i am Ato Kwamina and a christian in the baptist church in Ghana, West Afirca. I am looking for any christian of any church backgruond to be a friend of mine. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ i would be waiting for your messages on my email
    it good to have friends particularly with our christian fellows.

  3. Ndifon Lucia Mustella

    Hi this is Mustella from Cameroon. I am 24 years old, I am a believer and I fellowship with one of the pentacostal denomination in my area,, precisely the FullGospel Mission. I have Christian friends around me but I will equally like to have Christian friends in other areas around the world that I can chat or share ideas with.I want to say I love You all and remain Bless.You can write me using my email address

  4. sandy

    hi there! This is my first time on this site and is good that as christian singles we have a site to share Gods word ,the undiluted word of God, to proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives. This is so amazing. I am from Ghana in Africa and want Christian friends from all over the world to share Gods word with.

  5. Izuchukwu Okeke

    I am a Catholic and a business man. I will like to meet fellow Catholics and Christians globally who wishes to be my penpal friends. I will also like to meet business Partners worldwide and have business discussions with them and share contacts. Only sincere and trustworthy believers should contact me. My email is:

    May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly. Amen

  6. luz

    Hermanos en Cristo, tenga fé que todas las peticiones de su corazón se cumpliran, Dios sabe tu necesidad, no desesperes y entra en comunión con él, tú no le debes fallar.

  7. Ebenzer

    I want a christian friend who will help me know God more. Contact me on God bless you. I am waiting tio hear from you sooon Good bye.

  8. Mr.B.BENONI

    Dear Brother & Sister,

    Hearty Greetings from India

    I am very happy to see your mail Thank you very much for giving I am MR.B..BENONI I am Christian, I live in south India state of Andhra Pradesh, I live in small village I am working as a children care worker I have great desire to meet the friends all over the world, If you have interest please give me e mail reply, convey my regards to you all.

    Thanking you Sister

    Yours in his service


  9. ASIF

    I need someone special in my life. Someone true to his or her words, God fearing and a source of inspiration and Joy. A true and sincere friendship is really a blessing for the whole life.
    God Bless everyone.

  10. mayson

    Iam a boy from Liberia who really wants to be connected with christain friends from all over the world. I think this will help to build the christain community in a faster manner. You can write me through my so will can start communicating. God bless you all.

  11. Lilly

    Hi, I am an over 30 woman currently in New Zealand. Just out of love from kind of missionary dating & now in process of healing myself. I need friends to talk to & share. Email me: God bless.

  12. paulita T. kai

    I am looking for someone who will teach me the bible. this my # 231-6-621847

  13. walter

    Hello i am a christian latin american singel man 53 that look for christian friends from all over the world. I live/ work in Spain, i am originaly from southamerica-Peru.I like to talk abouth Mission and Evangelism.Dios los bendiga busco amigos cristianos del mundo entero soy del Peru ,vivo en España, me gusta hablar de Misiones y Evangelismo:

  14. addisu

    I am a born again Christian looking for a friend. I am looking for a lady friend who is between the age of 30 and 40. You can email me:

  15. Noal

    I want to meet a christian girl friend who will help me know God more. Contact me on God bless you.

  16. Ugwuegbu Godson C

    I will like to know an evangelist who will come to Nigeria for missionary work in my youth fellowship and a Christian lady who will take me up in advising me on what and what to do in the youth ministry that will bring the growth of my ministry.

    A man who know Christ
    A lady who know Christ
    Phone: +234 803 228 6659

  17. Monique

    Hi, I’m Monique, I’m 21. I’m looking for openmind penpals interested in God, religion, Bible study, deep questions of life (all backgrounds and countries welcome). Just write me if u want to:


  18. Fumi Adebayo

    My name is Fumi Adebayo, am a 21 years old female, a 300Level student of the University Of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. I’m a Christian by religion, I use to live with my mother and our house maid in Jos untill the recent crisis between muslims and christians which led to my mom’s death and our house bunt. I went to the hair saloon that faithfull day, while our maid went to my mom’s shop were she helps her to sell. My mom wasn’t too fine so she had to stay at home. It was at the hair saloon I noticed a sudden change, people running, black smoke all over the air, gun shots, e.t.c . So I had to run home, while I was runing I was calling my mom’s phone but it wasn’t going through I was so scared. On getting home I saw my house on fire, I tried to rush inside but my neighbour held me and adviced me to run for my life saying that ‘what has happened has happened’. That day I followed some groups of christains who had mobility to kano State. I got to kano at night and it was my first time in Kano so I had to pass the night in the park, untill the next morning when my course mate who is based in kano Sate came to pick me.
    Ever since then i’ve been living with them and I know they are no longer comfortable with me. They have been advicing me to join their Muslim religion and i’m begining to consider it, after all my mom was killed because she was a Christian. I’m so confused I was born into a Christain home i’ve lived all my life as a Christian I don’t know what to do? Should I remain a Christain or convert to a Muslim? Please help me in anyway you can as God will surely reward you. Please contact me on my email:

  19. Diyani

    I don’t think its ethical to tell you what to do but in our lives most of the time things happen that don’t make sense, sometimes the more we closer to God, troubles seem to spring up even more, for the Devil loves to create strife for us and take us to the other side away from God and he is cunning and clever. Cannot imagine your pain of losing your mother but give up your pain and troubles to God and he will deliver, talk to him, pray pray and pray and he will be listening to you, always.

    Read The Word, before you read it just pray to him to speak to you through The Word and believe me it will give you peace.its a great place to commune with God. Hold fast to Jesus and he will deliver you through the pain to joy and peace. With God you cannot expect anything instant, you need to be patient for him to bless you. It is hard but nevermind just do it even with the pain. If you are afraid: then do it afraid, don’t let fear stand in the way of you getting blessed.

    God does not work the way we expect him to. He has his own plan for us. He has something wonderful in store for each of us. Trust in Him to let it come to pass for you,

    Try to seek and follow a Christian mentor, somebody who went through a lot of pain and is now an ambassador for God- Joyce Meyer helped me a lot and i could relate to her and she opened up a lot of things for me when I was going through a difficult time.

    Much love. i will pray for you. My God bless you.

  20. Enolyne L

    Sharing with like minded christian friends will help us especially in joy and sorrow it is an oppoutunity to encourage each other

  21. Jane

    I am a born again christian looking for a man of the same faith for a relationship leading to marriage

  22. claire

    I am a born again engaged lady looking for a born again couple/family which will help me blossom in faith and guide me in my journey to an everlasting life. Preference is made for only familes out of Africa. Please contact me on my email

  23. sibrana

    I am a 28 year old female from Florida. I am looking for penpals (males no older than 34) in the US and Europe. I would like to talk, get to know each other-become good friends and go from there. You can reach me at

  24. maru (meaning honey)

    I am a 23 years old single male from Ethiopia, a historical place in the world. i am looking female penpals not older than 24 in USA, Canada, Australia NORWAY, Seweden ,Denmark , Israel,Ethiopia.

  25. Alice

    I am a born again single lady, aged 31. I am also a mother of one daughter who i’m trying to raise in the fear of the Lord.
    Looking for pentecostal pen pals of either sex, who are born again.
    Looking forward to a great and faith filled friendship.

  26. ADUGNA

    Hello, penpals,
    My name is Adugna From Ethiopa.I would like to get penpals withn Europe,US& Australia.
    Kep in touch.
    May God Bless You.

  27. veronica ramgobin

    Hi i am a christian girl, living in the guyana, south america, i am twenty four year old, looking for a christian male in the usa uk or in canada, for a serious realationship, never had a boy friend.
    I live with my grandmother, but most of the time she is in the usa with her daughter, one of my brother stays with us.
    I am using my uncle email address, hie email is
    he will create my own email very soon.

  28. Davis Nanchakala

    I believe with the introduction of this site ,and with Gods help, christians have high chances of meeting the one and one only.
    God bless you.

  29. BraveNiack

    i am a new convert in Christ. i was born in 24 September 1976. am 34 yrs now and by September i will be 35 by the Grace of God.

    I am in need of a Woman of a NOBBLE Character for marriage. Prov:31:17-end.
    please pray for me so that Destiny will bring i and my wife together. bravenicko @ yahoo . com

  30. mulualem mengistu

    I am a 26 year old young boy from some where on earth. I am looking for penpals from all over the world. I would like to talk, get to know each other-become good friends and go from there. You can reach me at
    never miss and let me alone!

    wishing to hear from you in the soon days!

  31. August Rush

    Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Im a 31 year Indian/Coloured of South African Nationality. Iam also a Minister in training at a Pentecostal Full Gospel Church in S.A. Iam also a recovered drug addict. I love missions. Im interested in networking with likeminded men that are passionate for souls. Pls email me on God bless and make u fruitful in all you do. Pls no females need to respond to this email. Iam not looking for a wife just yet, because iam enjoying my singleness. Shalom.

  32. Abbeykit

    I want a 21 year Christian girl Friend in any part of the World. Am single.

  33. maryna

    Hi my name is Maryna, i am single and quite alone and would like penpals to chat with.

  34. musa

    Frienships brings joy and happiness in life, hence can pals from all over the world make me feel happy and loved

  35. isaac

    hellp people am 26 yers of age ,born again chrisn from Ugand and i would like to meet friends around the am single lol God bless you all




    Am a 22 year old, non-denominational, born again christian lady and will feel so privileged to chat and share with christian friends,I bless God for your site.

  38. Okuo joy

    i am a christian single from Nigeria. I want 2make friends wt singles like me.


    Hey there. i’m deaf and born again christian indian lady from south africa. i wish to have few christians friends with good heart. i love the fact that God have great plans for me everyday. i’m pleased that i’m able to talk to someone who can be there for me through emails. Btw i am 31 and would like correspond with beautiful friends aged 28 and 32. i enjoy good movies, Shoppin and meeting new people. i love white guys email

  40. gee varghese

    I am a true christain brother from India. I need christain brothers and sisters from around the world. I wish to work anywhere in the world as christan brother. i need help to provide me VISA to visit any country specially in Europe to preach christainity and mingle with peoples with true beliver of christ. plse contact me gee varghese@rocket

  41. Mathew Val

    As a christian who believe in christ, I’m glad that by the death of christ we’ve bn made one in christiandom,tribe & town may differ but we stil remain one in the lord. I desire to have friend from any part of the world but especialy from Europe but I like females around me for opposite idea of human nature. God us all. Here is my email for contact :, phone +2347039095482

  42. Ola Taiwo

    I am looking for a Christian lady, pretty and modaretely fashionable, I am 29 and i want to date. If you are a lady who has been unlucky with men please don’t think all guys are the same….my number is +234 708 3529475

  43. amin abdoul


    I am a single 36 year old, non-denominational, born again Christian man from East Africa. I would like to chat and share with Christian sisters. I am looking for a Christian woman for a serious relationship.

  44. rozzy

    i am a born again christian devoted living in Kenya…i want to join an international mission group in Kenya..
    and i am single-24 years old looking for a man for a serious relationship-prefarably a white christian man living in kenya who is devoted in any ministry.

    if interested email me at

  45. Kevin

    Hi, My Name is Kevin, I am 46 yrs old and I am lliving in prison. I have had problems with drug demons which has caused me to be where I am. I have repented and I have given my soul to the lord. he has shown me his love and understanding and forgiveness. I would like very much to have someone to talk with (by mail) . I am not looking for a relationship because of my situation and I don’t expect someone to think I expect anything more than a friend in need. Yes, it is lonely here. My mom is the only one who I am in ;contact with.(she is writing this message for me now from her home.) I am a good christian and I have not harmed anyone. my address is Kevin Cabral W-86300 100 S. Walpole Ma. 02071 Thank you for your attention. respectfully Kevin

  46. Makepo Epikana

    Hi, I’m a male 28 years of age and I am single. My christian life seems to be at an average level and I need help from a christian to teach and share with me the word of God. I also have a desire to have a serious relationship with a single female christian from any country who can understand and accept me. I am now working as a Police Officer in my country Papua New Guinea. Anyone interested to share the word of God, please email me or call on 67573526567.

  47. Caroline du Preez


    I am looking for christian friends in Algeria.

  48. lindsay kunthasami

    i’m christian from mauritius a small island in indian ocean.i’m divorced man looking of a lady to remake my life .i’m a chief pastry and bakery and kitchen instructor.i like sports.driving,nature and all thing that god has created for us to fill our heart with joy peace and any one interested to join me feel free to contact me on my mail feel your heart with eternel peace.

  49. Hans N.

    I am a 20 year old Cameroonian high school student looking for a good Christian friend to exchange mail with,preferably snail mail.It has a more personal feel,don’t you think?!
    I love drawing,cooking,singing,reading,writing,movies,friends,picnics,
    cracking jokes and lots more.I will send a photo and address when we are better acquainted.I have never dated before but hope to find a beautiful lady about my age to start a serious relationship with.I will prefer a lady from Canada,Latin America,an African American lady or a Jamaican.You can also write if you just want us to be friends and I hope we can meet someday.
    Hoping to read from you soon.I can be called or text at(+237)79 92 92 75 or e-mailed at
    Take care and write soon.

  50. Mim

    I love the message from Kevin, Kevin in all situations, let the name of God be glorified because he is the one incharge of your life. i would love from time to time to share the word of God with you. your email pliz.

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