Christian Singles Cruises

Christian Singles Cruises

I have met a number of singles who have booked Christian singles cruises, and have come away singing their praises. Ever thought of going on a cruise for your next vacation? Christian singles cruises may be just what the doctor ordered to revitalize both body and spirit, and many singles cruises come with great package deals that makes them surprisingly affordable for most. Some of the top destinations for Christian singles cruises include such places as St. Thomas, Nassau, Belize, and Bermuda.

Christian Singles Cruises Benefits

Ah, besides the obvious pampering that typically occurs on a cruise, most singles cruises come with these benefits:

  • Meet new single Christian friends from all over the world.
  • Get great Christian teaching through workshops and seminars
  • Enjoy great Contemporary Christian music concerts

If you are seriously looking into booking a Christian singles cruise for yourself or your Christian singles group or church, we suggest simply “Googling” Christian singles cruises and search out the top five listings that appeal to you. Before booking any of the cruises, going through the following checklist with the prospective booking agent may save you from making a poor decision you will regret while you’re in the middle of the ocean.

 Cruise Checklist/Questions

  • Ratio of single guys/single women?
  • What are the average ages of those on the cruise?
  • Package prices?
  • Are there group rates?
  • How do I choose a room mate if I don’t have a single cabin?
  • What are the offered activities/events?
  • How many ports do you stop at?
  • How do I meet other singles while on board?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Will there be only Christian singles on the cruise?
  • How experienced is the staff?
  • Ask about “all in one” airline and cruise package deals
  • Does the singles cruise line have readily available referrals?

Overall,  cruises can be lots of fun if you do your homework. Are you a single Christian with something to share about Christian singles cruises?

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    • massiel

      Hola. Mi nombre es Massiel y vivo en Venezuela. Me gustaria estar al tanto de cualquier evento que tengan para solteros cristianos. Si hay algun crucero proximamente me gustaria tener la informacion. Agradecida por su informacion al respecto

      • Monica

        Hola, me gustaria tener informacion de cualquier evento para solteros cristianos, gracias

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