Christian Singles Dating Mistakes Women Make

Christian Singles Dating Mistakes Women Make

Christian Single women can get a little confused looking for Christin Singles dating tips online. Part of the problem (no, it’s not the men) is that Christian singles dating online could find 1000s of different dating tips for single women, and some would be totally contradictory to one another. It’s easy to see how some single Christian women could make some dating mistakes.

Rethinking Your View on Christian Singles Dating

Whether or not Christian single women follow some of the whacky Christian singles dating advice out there, many are still having a difficult time finding Mr. Right. Why is this? Are the only normal and decent Christian guys already taken? Is it possible that some Christian single women are frustrated with the Christian singles dating scene because their thinking is a little askew?

The following five Christian singles dating mistakes are things women should avoid during their search for a soulmate. This Christian singles dating advice has very little to do about how to start online Christian dating, and all to do about how one thinks and acts.

Christian Singles Dating Mistake #1

Putting marriage as the most important goal in your life

Christian Singles Dating Mistake #2

Waiting for the imaginary knight in shining armor to ride off with, while passing by other possibilities God may have brought in your life.

Christian Singles Dating Mistake #3

Looking for happiness in the fuzzy future instead of siezing the present opportunities

Christian Singles Dating Mistake #4

Allowing others to define your self-worth and value as a person

Christian Singles Dating Mistake #5

Compromising your spiritual and moral beliefs, and fellowship with your Lord, for a pleasing, but temporal experience.

Are any of the above Christian singles dating mistakes problems that you encounter in your life as you look for true love as  a single woman?

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    • lawrence m njoroge

      You are doing a good job expressing what many people fear to express. They may want to, but feel embarrassed. Please keep it up.

      • Lili Morrison

        I find very true the 5 mistakes single christian women make.
        I believe there are many great guys out there, we sure have to be careful but going out with a male that says is a christian is not safer than going out with a male that does not say is a christian. when we look in online dating we want “safety” first.

        • Diana

          Marriage isn’t my # 1 goal at all! I have been married before & I am not someone that desires to do it again anytime soon or ever! I was married to a good man but even good men think that God made them superior to females because that is what the churches teach them & have done so long before I was ever born! Men,when you get the holy spirit of God,gloss over God’s word & you’ll see that someone has messed with his good words & tried to make God seem like a sexist when he’s sooooo not!
          Trust God to teach you what he wants you to know,not evil man! Man is easily decieved when he’s lied to just like a woman can be so don’t believe some of those false teachers & prophets! God cannot contadict himself so you can be assured that sexist males have messed with the Bible,& God warns of such people! Trust no one whose sexist at all,whether it’s towards females or males,God made them both & he is not a sexist! Trust in that!

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