Christian Singles Groups Benefits

Christian Singles Groups Benefits

  • Christian Singles Groups can be very benificial to Christian singles. However, not all single Christians who use online Christian personals sites such as eHarmony and online Christian chatrooms regularly attend Christian singles groups. However, there are many reasons why a person may benefit from joining a Christian singles group.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Christian Singles Groups

Christian singles groups provide a place to belong.

In order to be healthy and enjoy life to the max, people need to feel wanted and needed. They need to have a feeling of belonging. As the Cheers TV theme song relays: “Be glad there’s one place in the world to call home, a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re so glad you came.”

Although there are some great positives for having online fellowships, nothing quite takes the place of face to face contact. In Christian singles groups and support groups, you can meet people in your immediate area who share similar circumstances (single parents, separated, divorced, widowed, college and career aged, etc.), and feel wanted and understood.

Christian singles groups offer encouragement.

Hey, we all need encouragement and a warm hug at times. Well, the dynamic of Christian singles small groups creates a place where you can find comfort in your times of need. There will also be excellent opportunities to minister to other single men and women who need help.

Christian singles groups provide a non-threatening place to learn about God and the Bible.

The accepting and laid-back setting of a Christian singles group forms a great place to ask questions and grow spiritually without feeling judged or out of place. For example, I personally experienced this facet about Christian singles groups when I attended the Alpha Course.

Attending Christian Singles Groups is a great way to meet new friends.

If you attend Christian singles groups on a regular basis, you will develop positive, intimate and godly relationships with all types of singles. It’s also an awesome environment to gain better understanding of yourself and others-especially the opposite sex 🙂

Christian singles groups are just plain fun.

Singles groups are a great alternative to the hollow bar and club hopping scene that leaves many feeling empty and unfulfilled. Many Christian singles groups offer a wide variety of activities that will keep your interest.

It’s easy to find Christian singles groups in your area. All you need to do is perform a “Google” search. For example since I live in the New York Metropolitan area, I would search for “New Jersey Christian singles groups” or say, “New York Christian singles groups”.

If you are a single Christian with your own thoughts, either negative or positive, on Christian singles groups, consider helping others by sharing your comments.

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    • paul

      Hi – I would like to know if there are any Christian Singles groups in Montreal.

      Ages 30+

      Thanks Paul

      • Loving God

        I believe Single Christian Groups are a great idea! In fact I will be starting one soon. I am talking to some people and their feedback to having one and the results are positive.

        • Ella

          please help me how to form a single christian group. we dont have groups like this in my country Botswana. i think they are a great idea. i want know what you talk about, how often do you meet etc.


          • David Butler Author

            Dear Ella:

            email us through our site and we will email you stuff on Christian singles groups. You could also just google “starting Christian singles groups” God bless!


            • sunita

              i’m a single mom of 6 kids. being a single parent is really stressful and a believe that being a part of a christian group would be of help. i know that the mere fact of talking to someone with the same priorities and same values in life would make things easier.

              • Joishel

                Hello im a new parent my daughter is four mo. and i am 21years old im in great need of some single parent christian support groups in brooklyn ny.

                • Elizabeth

                  Hi my name Elizabeth and I am single of 5children ages 13,11,7,3 and 1years of ages, my husband left me for another women when my first daughter was only 4months, but he still claims that i was his wife and had 4 other children, but during these years of bring the children up he’s never being around full time and hardly supports me, but only God did, because i fear God and the word adultry so i was faithful to him. I always use stand Exodus 14:14 The Lord will flight for you; you need only to be still; and I was pray to God and tell him that Lord only you know my heart and only you know what’s best for me and my kids. this is my advice to all single mothers or Fathers that, ask God to come into your life today and make him your best friend talk to him every day as if you are talking to a friend and he will direct your life.

                  God bless you all

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