Christian Singles Secrets

Christian Singles Secrets

Many Christian singles walk around with the burden of carrying personal secrets bottled up deep in their hearts. Whether the secrets are unconfessed sexual sins, painful memories, regrets, shame-filled experiences or totally whacked out thoughts, God did not design us to deal with such raw issues by ourselves.

From the Garden, the Lord created mankind for intimate fellowship with no room for secrets. Adam’s hiding from God after eating of the fruit is the Bible’s first recorded secret. Do you ever wonder what God would have done if Adam and Eve confessed their little “secret” instead of hiding from their Lord? Anyway, we have been keeping secrets ever since, with negative consequences for ourselves and our relationships with others.

The Bible has a neat answer to secret keeping: It’s called confession. Over and over in Scripture, we see see a connection between honest confession and spiritual, emotional and physical healing:

  • If you confess your sins to God, He promises forgiveness and spiritual cleansing (1 John 1:9).
  • Lack of confession leads to physical and emotional turmoil; honest acknowledgement to God brings relief of guilt (Psalms 32-2-5).
  • While only God can forgive, He wants us to confess our sins to each other so that we may pray for each other and experience healing (James 5:6)

Only recently has modern psychology caught up with the Bible in terms of connecting private confession with physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Dr. James Pennebaker, psychology professor at Southern Methodist University, documents a study which found that confessing our secrets can be good for the soul, lower blood pressure, lessen depression and increase your general sense of wellbeing.

There is certainly no reason why we should not confess our secrets to our Lord, who loves (John 3:16) and sympathizes with us despite knowing all about us (Hebrews 4:13-15).

Despite the fact that confession leads to healing, there are many reasons why single Christians fail to confess secrets to others, whether they be a lack of an appropriate outlet, fear, embarrassment or unreal expectations from our own churches.

In light of the above, you are invited to confess your secrets anonymously to Christian-Dating-Service-PLUS. We don’t need to know your name in order to have our single Christian readers pray for you. You will never be contacted unless you desire followup prayer and counsel. Our prayer is that we will all be encouraged by each other’s words.
There are several ways to post your secrets or confession:

  • Simply leave a written comment right on this post
  • E-mail us your written or recorded post secret via a mp3 file.
  • If you only have a CD, we will provide you with an appropriate address to mail your post secret.

Note: Any audio recording will be aired over our radio station and/or podcasted through our site.


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    • Liz

      I am a 19 year old girl whose faith is the most important thing in my life. However, the sin of masturbation has had a hold on me for a long time. It has come and gone, but I really desperately want to be free of it. I don’t have anyone in this new city that keeps me accountable for anything and it feels like I am alone in fighting this, especially since I am a girl and girls aren’t supposed to struggle with this. I want to stop. I want God’s love to be enough to make me stop, but I keep coming back to this.

      • Derek

        Hello Liz ,

        Sorry about what you are going through am very well sure it’s hard to do away with it , masturbation is caused by a spirit and that’s the reason it can’t just go no matter how you try to avoid unless you are totally delivered through prayer . Contact me and we discuss more I would love to share a lot with you..thanks

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