Christian Singles Websites for Dummies

Christian Singles Websites for Dummies

Today, I’d like to talk about Christian singles websites.  There are tons of Christian singles websites and Christian dating websites out there, but not all are “really Christian”. Have you ever wondered how all these Christian singles websites got started? Well I did, and that’s how I began Christian Dating Service Plus, a website for single Christians. I had a heart for Christian singles, and I wanted to come up with a way where I could not only create a worldwide outreach for this target, but also create funds at the same time for our NJ church plant called Oasis Church.

It’s been an amazing experience for me, as this little Christian singles website now gets over 1 million hits per month, and brings in hundreds of dollars a week for ministry and personal  expenses. If you’re interested to know how a non-techie neophyte like myself was able to do this, just read on. I’ve written down some “Christian singles websites” tips on how to make one for yourself.

Christian Singles Websites-How to Start One

See What Others Are Doing

The first step you should take is to simply Google “Christian singles websites” and study the top 20 singles sites that come up. Look at the content of the christian singles topics, and observe ways that you would do it better. Make sure you have a notepad and pencil. The idea is not to copy, but to improve on what these Christian singles websites are offering.

Get a Vision

After you get a look at all the other the Christian singles sites that you found interesting, with that notepad and pencil start brainstorming ideas on the kind of site you would like to have. For example, I liked the concept of a Christian singles site that would not only honestly review Christian dating websites like eHarmony and ChristianMingle, but would also offer articles a single person could  use. Since wWe didn’t want the same old stuff,  we became the first Christian singles website to integrate interactive blogging and podcasts into our site. This made our single Christian website new  and fresh. You can do the same if you take the time and think out of the box.

Learn how to Make a Christian Singles Website with Site Build IT

Ok, I had a desire and some good ideas, but I hadn’t a clue on how to actually build a Christian singles/dating site. A vision without a plan to get you there…gets you nowhere. So I started researching how a dope like me could build a website from scratch without knowing a shred of HTML, PHP or any other web design coding. Sounds difficult right?  Well think again.

How did I do it? From the bottom of my heart I want to thank this websites for dummies program known as Site Build It. Without Site Build It I would have never have been able to build the Christian singles website you are reading right now. This program is actually an amazing step by step proven manual on:

  1. How to build a website from scratch even if you no scratch
  2. How to find a topic for your site that fits your passion
  3. How to get traffic and make money on your website
  4. How to have fun while doing it

Site Build It offers a free Action Guide, that gently walks you through how to do all of the above.  Just going through this course for the first time  got me so excited, I couldn’t wait to begin. If you have any interest at all in an online ministry or making money online, I think you’ll feel the same way.

Overall, I stand behind  this program because I am living proof that it works. So if you’re interested in building a Christian singles website, or any other site for that matter, what are you waiting for?


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