Christian Women Complaints

Christian Women Complaints

Christian women complaints? The following article on single Christian women was written by one of our single readers who has used dating sites like eHarmony and Christian Mingle. Any comments girls?

“I find that to many Christian women are confused about what values they should be looking for in a Christian man. I think to many Christian women take the word “Christian” vary loosely. Guys will say anything to get a good looking women. There is a shallowness on Bible Theology these days. Most don’t know what to look for from a Godly perspective. Oprah and other talk shows are defining what a good man is from a secular stand point. Today all a guy need to say is “Yes, I’m a Christian” and for most Christian women that is enough for them to go out on a date with them.

And if a guy has a good job and nice car along with a Christian confession. 90% of Christian women will go out with him without any authenticity or background screening. This really scares me. It’s like the American dollar. It has lost it’s value. It is not worth as much today as of 50 years ago. I saw a Christian women in Bible study. I asked her out for coffee. She told me that she dated a guy one week before who was a warlock. She knew he was a warlock before she went out with him. Yet in church she looked so much like a strong single Christian woman.

As a guy who has a strong call on his life, I just want to say that you are only as strong as your weakest link. If you ignore the screening of the Holy Ghost. You are going to get in a relationship from hell. There are a lot of shallow people out there with no spiritual roots in the word of God but confess to be Christians. And it is getting worst. Don’t be desperate. It’s better to be alone than to be in the wrong relationship. I get frustrated at times over this sometimes. But I thank God I listened to him and have not got involved with the wrong person and have to pay alimony and child support today.”

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    • Grace

      My friend is a christian she met a great guy wh was not saved they got married and are happy. It was and is not a relationship from hell. I have struggled with the dating unbeliever thing now if I meet a nice guy i will date him. Everyone in the world understands the importance of companionship yet, God created Eve for Adam. The world seems to be enjoying God’s blessing.

      • B

        Well spoken, Oscar!
        I have been on the sites listed for a long time now, and I am starving to death to meet even one X’n lady whose X’nty goes beyond their own experiences in life – i.e.- someone who wrestles with/is knowledgeable about the things of their faith –
        i.e.- God’s sovereignty in salvation, the historicity of Scripture,
        the meaning of “Grace Alone” , the relationship between Kings and Chronicles, and a million other topics.
        So, if you are Female and are into those types of things, please feel free to email me at the above address.
        God Bless
        Theology Guy

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