Codependency Relationships and Christian Singles

Codependency Relationships and Christian Singles

Are you in a codependent dating relationship? Whether you are a Christian single or not,  codependent relationships can happen to anyone. What qualifies for a codependent relationship?  If you are in a codependent relationship you will feel like  that famous 60’s song line: “Can’t live, if living is without you…”

In addition to those feelings, another sign of a codependent relationship in dating is that one or both daters will be seeking constant approval from the other, and feel worthless if they don’t receive it.  Having a codependent relationship means that you feel you cannot live without this person and seek constant approval from them.

Avoiding Codependent Relationships

If you are a single Christian interested in avoiding codependent relationships, try the following:

  • Allow for time away from your date in order to develop your own self-worth and value.  If you have to spend every waking hour with the other person, you are in a codependent relationship.
  • Never stay in a dating relationship out of fear of being alone
  • Never stay in a relationship with someone who has struck you…even once. People stay in abusive dating relationships due to codependency.
  • Allow your closest friends and family members to objectively examine whether you are with the other person because you “want to” or because you “need to”. If you are in a dating relationship with that other Christian single person because of the latter, this is a codependent dating relationship and needs to be terminated if you wish to avoid future pain.

Overall, codependent relationships are always unhealthy and impede personal and interpersonal growth. However, if you practice the above points, you will go a long way toward avoiding painful codependent relationships.

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