Compatibility Love Test-How Compatible Are You With Your Date?

Compatibility Love Test-How Compatible Are You With Your Date?

Many romance sites have a compatibility love test on them. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a set of quiz questions that’s suppose to determine if your love interest is compatible with you.

Quite frankly, most of these compatibility love tests are bogus, and should only be taken tongue in cheek. That being said, compatibility does play a huge role in how successful any dating relationship will be.

While the old saying that opposites attract is true, that usually only remains the case in the short run. Afterwards, however, those little quirky things you found “cute’ or “exciting” will most likely turn out to be unbearable, especially if the relationship continues into marriage.

Therefore, we’ve put together some compatibility love test questions that we feel will be helpful to those seeking a dating match. Honestly going over this compatibility love test checklist may save you from a broken heart later.

Compatibility Love Test Questions for Christian Singles

The following compatibility love test keys should be evaluated collectively as you gauge the compatibility level of a potential dating partner or mate.

 Key 1- Shared Common Faith

Have you both accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour? Okay, you’re not dating an unbeliever, but are your denominations compatible? Do your spiritual gifts complement each other for ministry to each other, and as a couple ministering to others?

 2- Common Interests

Do you have shared activities that both enjoy? Do you both know how to share good conversations with each other?

 Key 3- Common Life’s Ambitions

Do you have similar definitions of what “success” means in regard to career, money, etc? Do you both desire children someday?

 Key 4- Common Backgrounds

Is your dating partner from different cultural and economic backgrounds? If you are an interracial dating couple, have you both worked through the potential pitfalls? Do you have a shared circle of friends? Do you reside in the same geographical area? If so, are you able to deal with a long distance dating relationship?

If you are a single Christian seeking true love and compatibility, let us know what you think of compatibility love tests.

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