Control Freaks in Dating: Signs You’re Dating a Control Freak

Control Freaks in Dating: Signs You’re Dating a Control Freak

control freak datingHave you ever dated control freaks? While we’re on the topic, are you a control freak? Yes, even Christian singles can be control freaks. Control freaks can be both male and female, and at first, can come across as quite appealing. However, as the dating relationship progresses a control freak will intensify his or her acting out until it becomes overwhelming for the other partner. Control freaks make for horrible Christian marriage partners. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to spot “a freak” early on in the courtship or dating process. Yet, understanding some of the signs of a control freak can help singles avoid getting burned in the long run. Who needs the pain, right?

Control Freaks Dating Signs

In considering whether or not you are dating a control freak, consider the following questions:

  • Is he or she overly jealous and or possessive?
  • Does your date like to take charge by planning all the details of your dates?
  • Does he or she always know best about what you need to read, eat, see, wear, or hear?
  • Is it difficult to express your own beliefs or opinions around your date?
  • Does he or she always need to dominate a conversation?
  • (Specially for Christian single women) Does he insist on you submitting to him as your spiritual leader even though you are not married?

The bottom line is control freaks like to be in charge. If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, you are probably dealing with the control freak. You may also want to consider whether or not you in fact are a victim in an abusive relationship.

Are you a single Christian with something to share about control freaks?

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    • Brian

      What if I am the control freak?
      Am I automatically the bad guy who’s undateable? Should I just stay alone, and leave everyone else alone?
      I did not set out for this to happen.
      I don’t know how to deal with it, and I don’t know why it happens.
      So what happens to people like me?

      • shell

        No, you don’t deserve to be alone forever, but pick your battles, every time you feel the need to dominate your partner’s world by pushing an issue or criticizing or forcing your way on her..Stop..think to this fight worth losing her over..will this issue really matter that much tomorrow when I wake up? You may push all the good people out of your life, so when you are feeling out of control,just stop for a minute or an hour,,however long and think if it’s worth it.

        • Anna

          I don’t get it. If the husbands expect you to submit before marriage it could be an ‘abusive relationship,’ but it isn’t once you are married? Christians really need to think about how they view marriage all together if we want to avoid a control freak husband.

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