Conversation Starters to Avoid Using With Your Date

Conversation Starters to Avoid Using With Your Date


Conversation starters skills are a must if you don’t want to bore your date half to death. Almost every Christian single person has had that sinking feeling that they were losing their date’s interest while conversing with them in person or thru an online dating site like Eharmony

Singles with good conversation starter and communication skills are successful at keeping their dates fascinated and involved because they do do two simple things very well:

  1. They avoid so called conversation starters that bore or annoy him or her
  2. They develop their own conversation starter skills with their date by determining what makes them perk up

Conversation Starters Tips: What To Avoid-Or at Least Go Easy On

One of the purposes of dating is to have conversations with the other person to determine whether or not the other person is your true love or dating match.

While it’s important to have easy flowing conversation starters, take care when speaking with your date about the following topics:

Health Issues

If you’re thinking this is a good conversation starter, forgettaboutit! While you may gain some sympathy in the short run, as a hypochondriac I can tell you from experience that you will inevitably turn your date off as you rattle off your litany of ills.

Of course, serious health concerns can and should be shared at the proper time, but do we really need to know about the runs you had last night? You get the point.

Ex Anythings

Nothing bores a date quicker, but this failed “conversation starter” is a perrenial favourite of many, to their own demise. Not only is this a major turn off, if gives the impression they are dealing with a rebound dater. Bad. Very bad.

The Bible

I may get stoned for this, so if you don’t see this site tomorrow you know what happened. Look, incessant Bible quoting during a date is boring and obnoxious. Now I’m not talking about heart felt sharing about your faith, or deep and interesting theological discussions that bring up the Scriptures.

I am speaking about the stooges who have to pepper in Bible quotations during every conversation. Here’s an example:”Praise the Lord, this food tastes great. Hey, could you pass that salt? Speaking of salt, did you know in Matthew 5:13 Jesus states that you are the salt of the earth?” Please don’t…it’s not attractive.


Ever been around someone who had negative things to say about someone else when they weren’t around? Human nature being what it is, you may be tempted to use gossip as a conversation starter with your date. Don’t do it. Besides being unpleasing to the Lord, your date may begin to wonder what kinds of things you tell others about her when she’s not around. Get it?

No single person, male or female, has it all together when it comes to conversation starters. If you don’t confident in this area, just remember learning how to start a conversation with the opposite sex in learning process.

Are you a Christian single with something to share about dating and conversation starters?

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    • Dan

      You know alot of people when first divorced will give old war stories of their Ex, only to hear “Well there is two sides to every story”. So save yourself the experience.

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