Crown Financial Advice for Singles

Crown Financial Advice for Singles

During  financial difficulties, Crown Financial Ministries offers tons of help for singles looking to make it through the pending worldwide economic depression. Many singles are “freaking out” over how they are going to make ends meet as the reality of layoffs and higher proces looms in the future.  Crown Financial offers some sound financial advice for singles of all stripes (singles-never-married, single parents, divorcees, widows, etc)  during this economy downturn.

Crown Financial Ministry Meets Church Services

Let’s face it, single people tend to have greater financial burdens simply because they tend to have no one else to count on for their daily sustenance other than themselves. Money worries for singles with kids are even greater.  In response many churches have been serving up relevant messages on topics like today’s podcast entitled, “financial peace for singles” that helps  get the  proper perspective on money. Enjoy!

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