How to Have Good Communication with Dating Singles

How to Have Good Communication with Dating Singles

Dating advice on learning how to have good initial communication is useful to any single woman or man serious about finding and keeping a date. The vast amount of dating advice found in books and on the web about communicating with the opposite sex can be both confusing and contradictory. If you fail to make a positive emotional connection at the outset with your acquaintance or date, you can be sure that any hopes of a deeper relationship will likely end right there.

However, the following dating advice on communicating with dating prospects is a simple, easy way to ensure exchanges that will make a positive first impression:

Dating Advice: Know Their Name

This dating advice sounds silly, but many people who fail to do this often suffer the consequences. Whether you communicate with someone through one of the top Christian online dating sites,  like Christian Mingle, for example, by telephone or in person, be sure to exchange first names.

During your talk with them, be sure to use their first name. In doing so, you will make them feel at ease, while also coming across as the friendly person you really are. Of course, if you’re like me, and forget people’s names immediately after they tell you, this may be a useless piece of dating advice unless you can write the name down somewhere.

Dating Advice: Establish a Point of Contact

The dating advice is that speaking to the other person about a common interest or topic of mutual concern is a great way to build rapport with them. Perhaps you are both single parents, or share a common sporting activity. Whatever it is, use your common bond to your advantage.

Dating Advice: Smile A Little Smile

Smile often if you are are speaking with your friend in person. It will not only help put you at ease, but will allay any apprehension they may have as well. Smiling is also a contagious, feel-good activity.

Dating Advice: Paying Out a Compliment is Free

Paying a compliment, as long as it is sincere, is a great way to build up another person’s confidence and self-esteem.

Dating Advice : Be Enthusiastic

Of course, you don’t want to be fake. What we are saying here is to stay focused on uplifting topics for conversation starters. For example, according to a recent poll the top three topics singles should avoid when meeting other singles are talking about a former relationship, dieting and marriage. Especially for the sensitive types, the dating advice here is that talking about these could cause more harm than good.

Overall, even if you are love shy, following this little bit of dating advice will help you ease into better communication with other singles.

Are you a Christian  dating single ready to share additional dating advice?

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