Dating Christians and Their Messed Up Sex Lives

Dating Christians and Their Messed Up Sex Lives

Here’s a fact: Many dating Christians have messed up sex lives. No, I’m not talkin’ bout those dating Christians who are suffering through the agony of waiting until after marriage to unleash their passion. I am referring to dating Christians who do indulge in sex.

Dating Christians and Spiritual Unhappiness

Although survey after survey shows dating Christians have sex before marriage almost as frequently as your run of the mill unbeliever, many involved in this activity never planned on it happening. And most pertinent to our dating Christian pod-cast, they’re not really happy about dating relationship consequences.

Let’s be real here. Sex feels really good! However, most dating Christians who have been involved in sexual relationships will tell you, the pleasure comes with a big price. As one dating Christian relayed, “I could experience pleasure, but pleasure with peace was impossible because I was grieving the Holy Spirit.” Wow, now that’s really messed up!

Are you a dating Christian who feels like you have messed up your sex life? Do you have trouble getting over the past because of past sins and mistakes? If so, Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church, Dallas, Texas (TX), brings a great message aptly called “Messed Up”. This pod-cast is all about hope and how dating Christians who have made relationship mistakes, can experience that real joy and peace again. This is definitely worth a listen.

Are you a dating Christian with something to share about your sex life?


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