Christian Dating Match: Are You Dating Your Match?

Christian Dating Match: Are You Dating Your Match?

Dating Match-Are You Dating Your Match?
Dating Match-Are You Dating Your Match?

When most Christian singles use the term, “dating match”, they are referring to a soul mate, that person with whom they feel they can spend the rest of their lives. Many have the following questions when it comes to the topic of a dating match:

  • How do I go about finding my dating match?

This is an important dating question, which doesn’t come with any easy answers. However, if you are seeking your dating match, the following may help you along in the process.

Dating Match Checklist

Dating Match Tip 1: Get Your Own Stuff Together

This must be your first step toward finding your dating match. You’ve probably heard it before: “Before you can attract the right person (your dating match), you have to be the right person.” It sounds corny and old, but it’s really true. Think about it. If you don’t know who you are as far as what makes you tick, and/or you’re not comfortable with who are, are you in any condition to meet your dating match? Don’t even go there. You already know the answer. 🙂

Dating Match Tip 2: Cast Your Vision

This means envisioning your dating match by making a list of attributes of what you’re looking for in a dating match including looks, emotional make-up, spiritual maturity, age, occupation, location, etc. Include your family and friends as you gather data because they will ensure realistic objectivity.

Dating Match Tip 3: Pursue Your Goal, Taking Risks by Faith

Your goal is to meet the dating match of a lifetime. Although there are many ways single Christians can meet each other, oftentimes this entails putting ourselves in a vulnerable position. If this includes using an online Christian dating service, make sure you do it the right way. As a side note, if you’re confused over the issue of how one can wait on the Lord and pursue your match goal simultaneously, read this.

In a forthcoming article, we will share how you will know it when you are dating your match. Are you a Christian single with something to share regarding your dating match?

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