Christian Single Women Dating Mistakes

Christian Single Women Dating Mistakes

Christian single women dating mistakes are avoidable, but it’s easy to see how single Christian girls can ( and guys for that matter too!) can make dating mistakes.  Part of the problem is that Christian single women could find 1000s of different dating tips for single women, and some would be totally contradictory to one another. So what we’re going to do with this article is post the top dating mistakes single Christian women make. After that, we give some positive steps a Christian single woman can take in their dating life.

 Top Christian Single Women Dating Mistakes

Whether or not Christian single women follow some of the whacky Christian singles dating advice out there, many are still having a difficult time finding Mr. Right. Why is this? Are the only normal and decent Christian guys already taken? Is it possible that some Christian single women are frustrated with the Christian singles dating scene because their thinking is a little askew?

Below are our top Christian single women dating mistakes that should be avoided. Understanding these common pitfalls can help you build stronger, more satisfying relationships while keeping God at the center. Here are the top dating mistakes often made by Christian single women and practical ways to avoid them.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake #1

Putting marriage as the most important goal in your life over your relationship with Jesus.  Preparing your heart for marriage is fine, but it shouldn’t be idolized. Idolizing marriage can distract you from enjoying your current season and building a healthy relationship. Many Christian women might unintentionally prioritize romantic desires over their relationship with God. However, maintaining a strong connection with God should be paramount. Dedicate time daily for prayer and Bible study, and let your faith guide your dating choices.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake #2

Waiting for the imaginary knight in shining armor to ride off with, while passing by other possibilities God may have brought in your life. In other words, ask yourself if you’re being too picky.  It could very well be that friend you never thought about dating, but who is always there for you.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake #3

Failing to set clear, firm boundaries—both emotional and physical—is essential in a Christian dating relationship. Ensure your partner understands and respects your boundaries.  In regard to sex, if “the milk is given away for free”.., well, you know the rest of the saying. If a guy really loves you, he will respect your wishes to remain pure before marriage. That is your desire, right?

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake #4

Allowing yourself to get into a codependent relationship that you allow to define your self-worth and value as a person.  Your happiness shouldn’t depend on your partner. Find joy in your relationship with God, personal growth, and service to others.

           Christian Single Women Dating Mistake #5

Ignoring the red flags with the other person. In the bliss of new romance, it’s easy to overlook potential warning signs. Pay attention to your partner’s behaviors, and attitudes, and how they respect your faith and values.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake #6

  I see this happen all the time when people start dating: Do not neglect your community, friends, and family when dating. They can offer wise counsel, support, and a balanced perspective on your relationship.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake # 7

Dating unbelievers. While it’s not impossible for Christians to have successful relationships with non-believers, significant challenges can arise due to differing core values and beliefs.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake # 8

Failing to Seek Godly Counsel. Godly counsel from trusted family, mentors, or leaders can provide invaluable insight and wisdom about your relationship.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake # 9

Having Unrealistic Expectations. No relationship or individual is perfect. Having unrealistic expectations can create unnecessary pressure and disappointment.

Christian Single Women Dating Mistake # 10

Settling for Less. Never settle for less than God’s best for you. If a relationship consistently makes you unhappy or leads you away from God, it may not be the right one.

In addition to the above, below we have some Christian single girl dating mistakes that occur on first dates. Here we will take some time to discuss how to avoid making these dating mistakes.

Dating Mistakes Single Christian women make on First Dates

1. Make sure that you don’t bring up any topics that can make him uncomfortable or uneasy. For example do not bring up your exes, or ask about his either. These topics can turn your date into a very uncomfortable situation.

2. Dress nicely. Depending on where you two are going, pick an appropriate outfit. Make sure that you look nice and clean. However, don’t wear anything too revealing because your date might get the wrong idea about you. Even though it isn’t right, guys tend to judge girls based on how they look.

3. Don’t hog the conversation. It’s important to talk, but make sure you listen as well. Try to learn about each other’s lives and interests.

4. Do not talk about the future of your relationship. If this is your first date, or even early in the relationship, you may freak him out if you start talking about the future of the two of you being together.

5 . If you feel that things are going very well, don’t be afraid to offer dessert, coffee, or something to keep the date going. If you let the date end prematurely, he may get the idea that you are not interested.

6. Don’t answer your cell phone unless it is very important. If you do, he may get the idea that you are not really interested in him. Also, it can mess up the flow of conversation and make for uncomfortable times while he is waiting for you to get off the phone.


Dating as a Christian single woman can be a beautiful journey of growth, discovery, and love, especially when navigated with wisdom and faith. By acknowledging and avoiding these common dating mistakes, you can build a strong, God-centered relationship. Remember, every relationship is a chance to reflect God’s love and grow in His wisdom. Embrace the process and trust God’s guidance in your dating journey.

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