Dating Mistakes Girls Make

Dating Mistakes Girls Make

Many Christian single girls make dating mistakes when they go on first dates with guys. Here we will take some time to discuss how to avoid making these dating mistakes.

So, you’ve set up your first date with him and you want everything to go perfect so it won’t be your last date as well. As you are on this date, keep the following 6 things in mind or your date could go seriously wrong.

1. Make sure that you don’t bring up any topics that can make him uncomfortable or uneasy. For example do not bring up your exes, or ask about his either. These topics can turn your date into a very uncomfortable situation.

2. Dress nicely. Depending on where you two are going, pick an appropriate outfit. Make sure that you look nice and clean. However, don’t wear anything too revealing because your date might get the wrong idea about you. Even though it isn’t right, guys tend to judge girls based on how they look.

3. Don’t hog the conversation. It’s important to talk, but make sure you listen as well. Try to both learn about each other’s lives and interests.

4. Do not talk about the future of your relationship. If this is your first date, or even early in the relationship, you may freak him out if you start talking about the future of the two of you being together. This is especially true if he has commitment phobia.

5 . If you feel that things are going very well, don’t be afraid to offer desert, coffee or something to keep the date going. If you let the date end prematurely, he may get the idea that you are not interested.

6. Don’t answer your cell phone unless it is very important. If you do, he may get the idea that you are not really interested in him. Also it can mess up the flow of conversation and make for uncomfortable times while he is waiting for you to get off the phone.

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