Dating Plan-Christian Dating Plans

Dating Plan-Christian Dating Plans

Are you a Christian single with a dating plan? If God has burdened your heart with a vision to find a Christian soulmate, you need to have a dating action plan to help bring it to fruition. After all, as we learn in today’s Christian podcast, a vision without a plan is like a ship without a rudder. For example, Nehemiah not only had a vision from God to rebuild Jerusalem’s city walls, he also had a plan ready to execute that vision. Although not about dating, we can apply the principle when it comes to Christian dating

Christian Dating Action Plan

So you are a marriage minded single Christian? Do you have a vision that includes meeting that special someone within 3 years? So what’s your dating plan? Does your plan include using an online dating service like eHarmony?  Or maybe joining a Christian singles group at your local church?  Remember, taking that first faith filled action step is the most important part of executing a dating plan.

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