Dating Relationships and Sex for Singles

Dating Relationships and Sex for Singles

Our church podcast of the week is all about sex in a dating relationship. People I have to tell you, I’ve listened to a lot of messages on sex and dating relationships, but this is the most blunt talk about sex in dating relationship I’ve ever heard, and by far of the best. If you’re serious about sex and dating, you don’t want to miss this!

Dating Relationships and sex for singles Podcast

Lon Solomon, pastor of McLean Bible Church of Vienna, Virginia (VA), speaks to Christian singles a bliblical message on sex you will never forget. I promise. Basically there are two roads we can take when it comes to sex and dating relationships. We can do things the world’s way, and screw things up (no pun intended), or do it God’s way and have an awesome sex life. Are you a Christian single person with something to share about sex and dating relationships?

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