Dating the Wrong Date?

Dating the Wrong Date?

Sometimes Christian singles can feel that they have gotten themselves in a mess when they look at their relationships. Normally your “Dr Phil” would say “get out while you still can”. However, getting out isn’t always the solution, but getting though it may be exactly what your dating relationship needs now.

It has been said quite a few times already that communication is the key to a successful relationship. At this point you feel like if you hear that phrase again you will scream, but there really is no other way. Take God as your example, as He uses different ways each day to talk to us.

At times communication can be difficult because not many people possess the proper communication skills.

Here are some other tips to practice when your dating relationship gets difficult:

  •  Remember the goal is not to get out but to get through. Be patient with your partner and remember to tell him or her that you love them and are ready to grow together with them in love.
  • For whatever you ask for in Jesus’ name shall be given unto you. The good old way of prayer. Cast every burden unto Him who cares for you.
  • Pray together with your partner and ask God to give the skill of communication and strengthen your love for one another.
  • Look at everything through a positive glance.This is a chapter of growth in your life. A situation of this nature gives you a chance to nature your patience. As you become patient with your partner in due time he or she will do the same for you. Remember to do unto others what you wish should be done to you.
  • There is no mountain too high that God cannot move.  Tell your partner what you like and what you do not like about them.

This article, compiled by Sharon Mgibi, does not necessarily reflect the views of Christian Dating Service Plus.

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