Attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right

Attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right

Attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right for a dating relationship that leads toward marriage is a goal of most Christian singles. Although there are a lot of online dating tips for attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right, some singles tend to keep attracting the exact opposite kind of person they need in a relationship. For example, did you ever wonder why abused women keep entering abusive relationships? I do, because I see it everyday in family court.

Why Singles Fail to Attract Mr Right or Miss Right

As a single Christian you may be wondering why you keep missing out on attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right. While Dr Phil and the Minirth Meier Clinic boys offer some cool advice on attracting the right mate, attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right really boils down to two ingredients: Vision and a plan to achieve the vision.

Attracting Mr Right Begins with Vision

The Bible teaches that the people perish for lack of vision. Knowing the general signs of what makes up a good Christian dating relationship is a little different than what we are talking about here. Our meaning for vision here means having in mind the kind of person it is you feel makes a perfect match for you. Think about it. How can we attract Mr. Right or Miss Right if we have no clue about what our Mr. or Miss Right looks like spiritually, physically and emotionally? Some singles may have already let a potential Right or Miss Right slip right through because they had no vision of Mr. or Miss Right in their minds.
A Plan to Attract Mr or Miss Right

Beyond having a vision of what your Mr. Right or Miss Right looks like, having a plan on how to attract that special woman or man to date is most important. Why? If you have an idea of the kind of person you would like to meet, but have no plan of action to achieve this goal, you basically have an endlessly frustrating situation.

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