Dating Tips for the Christian Single

Dating Tips for the Christian Single

Dating tips are welcomed by most Christian singles, whether they are new to the dating scene, or just looking to find additional dating advice and assistance. Afterall, how many of us are dating tips experts with no need for learning anything more about the opposite  sex and dating?

Although there are tons of dating tips and articles out there, we sifted through the most relevant from a single Christian perspective. The following is sort of a Christian dating tip checklist you may want to consider before going blindly into dating others.

Top Pre-Dating Tips for Single Christians

Surrender Your Dating Aspirations To God

It’s scary, I know. But being in the Lord’s will for your life means you will be more satisfied and happier, including in your dating relationships. Don’t worry, He knows what you need, even before you ask Him. And remember: “Unless the Lord builds the house, they who labor do so in vain.” (Psalms 127:1)

Understand the Purpose Of Dating and Why You Are Trying It

Many single Christians date just because everyone else is doing it. Before delving headfirst into dating other singles, consider what your goals are. Do you seek a husband or a wife? Are you just doing it for fun? Do you understand the differences between Christian dating and courtship? Here is a great dating tip: Once you understand why you want to date, you can better plan for it.

Think About the Kind of Person You Desire

Make a fun list of the qualities you find appealing in a single girl or guy. In order to further gather your thoughts, you may wish to read articles on what Christian single girls want in a guy, or say, what Christian guys need in a wife.

Get Your Own Stuff Together

You know the old saying:”Before you can attract the right man or woman to date, you have to be the right person.” What have you learned from your previous relationships that you can apply to a future one? Is there any area of your life God wants you to change before dating again?

Know Your Dating Options

This dating tip is important because many Christian singles are uncertain where or how Christians meet each other. If you want to try online dating services, we recommend you diversify your efforts by trying several Christian dating services that offer free trial memberships, like the ones on this site.

Face Your Fears

Sadly, some women and men remain single because they allow fears to keep them from meeting that special soul mate. The best way to conquer your fears is to recognize them for what they are, and seek help to overcome them.

Overall, if you follow the above dating tips, you will find more fulfillment as a dating Christian single. Do you have additional dating tips for singles?

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    • Tammy Starghill

      Thank you for the dating tips. I’ve been on 2 dates and getting ready for a 3rd one this weekend with a christian man who is passionate about the Lord, a family man, has a steady job, seems to be interested in me. We both agreed to start off as friends, but I know we both feel that there is more to our friendship; however, there seems to be a bit of hesitation or fear of being vulnerable one to the other. I am concerned though that he lives with his mom at his age of 47 after being divorced twice, although he says he’ll move by September. At the same time, he makes statements like “I’m not ready to set-up shop yet!” which leads me to believe, he is not ready to move forward in a relationship.

      He is a very patience, sensitive, caring person but I’m not sure if this is the person God wants me to marry. I am seeking the Lord’s guidance as we take our time getting to know one another. After being divorced once, I don’t want to marry the wrong person.

      Please keep us in prayer! Thank you.

      • Sue2

        Hi,to what extent are christians supposed to interact physically when dating? Is kissing cuddling or petting allowed?please help

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