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Dating Tips on How to Prepare for Marriage

Our Christian podcast this week is on dating tips. Pastor Matthew Ro, of the Journey Church in Atlanta, GA, give us some dating tips on how to find that perfect dating match, and what true love signs to look for along the way. Speaking from Genesis 2:18-24, Pastor Ro’s dating tips cover the gamut from how to know you’re in a good relationship to courtship and how prepare for marriage.

The neat thing for me about this dating tips message is that it comes from a church that is a two year old church plant made up largely of Christian singles and young families. If you don’t know me, this is where my heart is.

Anyway, if you’re a single Christian seeking a Christ centered romantic relationship, or someone just looking for some wise and godly dating tips, this is it! Oh yeah, if you are a single Christian with something to share about dating tips, fire away!

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  1. felecia berry

    I think Ive found the love of my life and I dont even know that he is interested in me. He is a Pastor of a church he is single and we have made eye contact several times. I have been praying to God for someone like him but how do I approach a situation like that. Every time I think about him my heart skips a beat and its like I know him already I feel so right. I prayed and asked God what it is that has me feeling like this toward someone I dont even know , can you give me some spitirual advice on the situation.

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