Debt Advice for Christian Singles Worried About Finances

Debt Advice for Christian Singles Worried About Finances

After looking for a mate, getting some good financial  debt advice is next on the “to do” list for many Christian singles. For example, we get lots of folks looking for debt advice geared Christian single parents, or college aged singles looking to eliminate debt with their financial school loans. That’s right,, Christian singles worry more about getting some great financial debt advice than getting dating or relationship  advice.

Can we be real here? Financial debt is a big turnoff to many singles, Christian or not, and barrier for those seeking a dating and/or marriage relationship.

Debt Advice Tips

Whatever the state of your personal finances, you will benefit from the following quick debt advice tips. Most of this debt advice is just common sense. Now if i could only listen to it as well!

  • Don’t spend if you don’t have the means (duh!)
  • If possible always use cash instead of credit cards
  • Learn how to manage your money by using a financial planner, or checking out some great free online Christian services like Dave Ramsey Financial Debt
  • Be proactive by contacting your creditors, and negotiating with them. Yes, most companies do this!

Debt Advice Podcast

In line with all this debt advice, our Christian podcast of the week comes from Pastor Nelson Searcy of the Journey Church, and is entitled: Pirates of the Carribean-Escaping the Bonds of Debt.

As a single Christian looking to get out of debt or simply avoid it, this is some debt advice you simply don’t want to miss. Blessings!

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