Divorce and Remarriage in Bible

Divorce and Remarriage in Bible

Divorce and RemarriageDivorce and remarriage is a hot issue in many evangelical churches. What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? Can Christians remarry? This is a confusing issue because  many Christian singles have been through a divorce.

Christian Divorce and Remarriage

What are the biblical grounds for divorce anyway? Does God speak against divorce & remarriage in all circumstances? If divorce is justified in certain situations? When is dating after divorce okay? Do the rules change if you are a Christian single parent dating with kids? These are only some of the questions Christian have pertaining to this conflict.

Divorce and Remarriage Podcast

In our Christian dating podcast of the week, Pastor John Minnema, of Hawthorne Gospel Church in Hawthorne, NJ, tackles some of the difficult issue of divorce and remarriage, speaking out of the book of Genesis.

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Are you a single Christian with your own view on divorce and remarriage? Please let us know
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    • Ashley

      I am 20 and am in the middle of going through a divorce. My husband committed adultry and does not want to work on it. When is dating ok? Should you be legally seperated before you date? Or should you be completely divorced? I tried looking up that in my Bible but was unsuccessful. What is the Christian views on dating when legally seperated? Technicall you are still married.

      • Rebekah Faith

        Hi Ashley,
        I too am in the process of a divorce. Though my husband was emotionally abusive, not having an affair, I believe I understand many of your feelings in this matter. Many things I’ve found are not black and white. In Biblical times, a divorce could be as simple as signing a piece of paper, now it can take years to be finalized. A website that has helped me a great deal is divorcehope.com. I hope that you find comfort and some answers there as well. Just stay close to Jesus in all things. There is a lot of advice out there that is presented as Gospel. Weeding through it can be difficult. Blessings! You will make it!

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