eHarmony Dating Service

eHarmony Dating Service

eharmony dating
Eharmony Dating Service

The following is our eHarmony Dating Service review, for this dating site which started in 2000 when Dr Neil Clark Warren formed it. eHarmony dating service allows free reviews of your matches and is billed as the top Christian dating service in helping put together highly compatible, lasting relationships. Over 2.3 million people use eHarmony each month. In fact, a recent Harris Poll survey determined that the eHarmony Dating site accounted for hundreds of singles a day getting married after having first met through eHarmony. The following eHarmony dating service will help you determine if this Christian dating site is a good choice for you.

         eHarmony Dating Service Review of New Stuff

Still, one of the leading online Christian dating sites, eHarmony Dating Service was one of the first online matchmaking/dating services of its kind on the web and skyrocketed to popularity among Christian Singles after Warren appeared on Dr. James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” radio show. eHarmony now has hundreds of thousands of members and claims tens of thousands of single Christian couples get together each year through the eHarmony Dating Service.

eHarmony Dating Service in 2023

If you have not been on Eharmony in the past few few years, one of the first things you will notice is that new users will no longer be required to go thru that cumbersome 149 multiple eHarmony Dating Questionnaire before checking out potential matches. Like Tinder, for example, new users will be able to check out potential matches without answering any questions.  eHarmony’s famous in-depth Personality test that measures 29 different areas of compatibility is still available to take if you want to get a more in-depth look at your most compatible potential soul mates eHarmony will  match you up from your test results

More Eharmony Dating Service Changes

The second important change on Eharmony is the messaging system, which several years ago was more like email communication, but now is instantaneous like Facebook Messenger.

Of course, Eharmony Dating Service members  can still communicate with their potential Christian single mate at a pace they feel most comfortable. However, if you are a little shy (like I was) “breaking the ice” with strangers, eHarmony even offers what they call their “Guided Communication Process” that helps you get to know that special person in a relaxed and laid-back way.


eHarmony Dating Service Review of Pricing

eHarmony Kudos and Crowns

  • It’s one of the largest  Christian dating sites  in the world
  • The  eHarmony Dating Service Compatibility Profile is FREE, cool and informative
  • The eHarmony matching system is very thorough, which may help you avoid making silly and unwise decisions
  • eHarmony is well respected in many Christian circles

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    • Michelle L.

      I have tried all the dating sites out there.
      Alright, not ALL of them. I will only go on Christian sites now too. I tried eharmony and was very disappointed. I hardly ever got matches, and there wasn’t a consistancy in the matches that I got. I mean, if I am going to spend that much money, that much time on filling out all their questions, at least they should send me matches that are “compatible”. I couldn’t believe that the three guys that I met, in person, were nothing alike. They were so different that I feel that the whole “personality profile” thing is a ineffective.
      I have met some really great guys on and (before) I met a couple of nice (but not Christians, even though I was specific) on yahoo personals.
      Good luck! i just don’t think that eharmony was worth it. P.S. Now, they are even getting away from the “Christian” title anyhow…..

      • greg zanko

        eharmony should change it’s name to eHA because that’s what it is a big joke. What a ripoff Neil Clark Warren (always be wary of guys with three names)has perpetrated. I never actually got to meet anyone on eharmony while a member. As a mater of fact, I only received maybe 4 or 5 matches and most of those people didn’t have photographs. I received more matches as a FREE member than I did as a paying member. See the hook folks! Stay away from eharmony!

        • Jenn B

          I know someone who also said she has received very few matches. I have the opposite problem, I recieved nearly 70 matches. I admit I’ve only been signed up for a couple weeks and so have not met anyone in person. I have noticed some common themes with my matches. The thing I have’t liked is the idea that everyone has a preferred age group that sets older men with younger women in general. My mother’s suggested age group overlaps mine and we both find that creepy. The other issue is that my matches were not warned that I was not a paying member yet so some were a bit perturbed when I didn’t respond immediately during the break between when I tried it and signed up. I didn’t know the site well enough to “turn off” matches. On the whole I like it better than choosing random people from Yahoo. I find I do have more in common with them tempermentally than others who just have similar interests. It’s been better than the $2000 ($10,000 original asking price) dating service my sister joined. I have to say that much. I would reccomend it, but know that it’s not perfect.

          • Debbie

            Stay away from this site. It’s a complete waste of money (very expensive) and time. My first personality profile was laughable. (My friends laughed when I showed it to them.) I was rarely matched with someone, and, when I was, the men almost never wanted to proceed past stage 1. Of the two men who made it to the final stage with me (not a physical date, but just an open chat), one did so just to warn me to watch out for scammers he had met on the site. The other called me awful names because our theologies differed. The customer service rep. agreed to expel him from the site as being mentally unbalanced after reading his letter to me and apologized. Shortly thereafter, I convinced them to let me take a new personality test in the hope of acquiring better matches. Right! Guess who was the first person with whom I was paired? Mr. Mentally Unbalanced–still active on the site! When I complained, I was told that they would “look into it.” I spent six months on the site, 3 as a paying member and 3 as a complimentary member due to finding no matches in the first 3 months. In the end, the only men in whom I was interested put me “on hold” for 5 months or longer (I accepted dozens of potential matches during this time in an attempt to be “open-minded.”) or closed out the match before we even made it to stage 1.

            By the way, I didn’t find anything Christian about this site. They made no distinction between a real Christian and someone who just uses the designation because of familial affiliation. Certainly the profiles that I read left me feeling like I was in a vacuum in this respect.

            I strongly urge this site to rethink labeling e-Harmony as a Christian site. Honestly, I don’t know a single Christian for whom e-Harmony worked.

            • Marie

              I’ve met some people who were successful with e-harmony. I actually got matched with a guy from my church, who I don’t actually get along with, but this site helped soften my attitude toward him. I would still recommend it to people regardless.

              • ohlookitstom

                I have used several online dating sites, including several Christian sites and eHarmonyand for eHarmony it’s been several years now…

                • Daniel

                  eharmony was great for me. There were plenty of matches – and they were very cool people. One of them was even a girl that I had dated for a while years earlier and who was still a friend!
                  Their pool of people is large but their ability to match you depend upon you having a profile that matches other people… and, after all, it’s just a questionnaire.

                  Great value in my experience.

                  • Christopher M

                    I find eHarmony to be a bit expensive for what it does. I get matched up with lots of women who all seem like good Christian girls. But eHarmony doesn’t tell me if they are paying members or not so I find that although in a 3 month period I am matched with over 100 people, That only a handful seem to be able to respond. It may be free to join but that is where the free stops.

                    Plus! If you have a bad photograph, or are ugly then your rejection will be high by the paying members that can see your photographs. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have rejected many women on that site simply based on their appearance. They could be the perfect personality for me to get a long with but it still bows down to looks.

                    Honestly, for the little potential matchups it does, your just as likely to find a good match on a website like Plenty of Fish that is free, then you are paying $50 a month for eHarmony and maybe being matched up with someone who is also a member and can communicate with you.

                    • Tracey Amen-Ordia

                      Hello Dear e-harmony,
                      A dear friend of mine, resident in Canada, told me fanastic stories about your christain dating website.
                      I am a lady, Christain who is very passionate about the good news of the Gospel…
                      I travel abroad once in a while, but i am resident in Nigeria, West Africa.
                      I have tried unsuccessfully for days now, trying to sign up to e-harmony, all efforts have been all to no avail.
                      Wanted to find out, if e-harmony registeration are for specific countries.. and maybe Nigeria is not part of your plan.
                      I must commend your webstite for creating a genuine platform where true christains who love God get to meet partners who share the same faith and passion for Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
                      Thank you and God bless you, Happy Holidays.

                      • Elizabeth Jenkins

                        I have been a widow for a few years and
                        don’t mind living alone. I would like to
                        meet an intelligent gentleman to socialize with and perhaps travel I am
                        in good health, a fine comunicator,enjoy
                        good books, music and fine cooking.
                        I am in my 70’s and wonder if I am to
                        old to revisit dating.
                        Your thoughts please.

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