Failed Relationship Advice

Failed Relationship Advice

When a relationship has failed the first time and you both decide to try again, prepared for some hard work. A number of things can cause Christian marriages to fail, such as infidelity or dishonesty in all forms. But there are times when a couple feels that the relationship deserves a second try or third, fourth and so forth.

Failed Relationship Advice

The second time around is definitely not going to be like the first time. Your partner can say he or she trusts you, but trust is not something that goes on and off like that. It takes a lot to build trust and even the smallest thing can break it. Many marriages are going through each day without trust. Kisses in the morning, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, knowing each others favourite colours and all that we think is needed to keep the Christian marriage strong, do not let it fool you. These people are actually hiding from the truth. What truth? The truth that; they do not trust their partner or even themselves.

Insecurity and low self-esteem is sure to be the case in a marriage that has been through separation or divorce. These two mixed emotions can in some cases be substituted by anger and resentment. Some people give love a second try for wrong reasons. They calculate the years they have given to a relationship, think of what people would say if they find out that the relationship has failed. These should not be the reasons. Bear in mind that it is not love that has failed but just the relationship. As God is love, and He cannot fail, how then can love fail? If the love is still there then give it a second try.

God gave us love when we did not deserve it, trusted us enough to give us His only Son, whom through Him we find the truth that truly sets us free. A successful Christian is one who has learned to love that which does not deserve any love at all. The break of each day itself is a sign that God believes that you can do better than yesterday.

Everyone at some point deserves a second chance in love, but not everyone is worth that second chance. Remember that love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship. Try to rebuild the trust between each other by being honest to each other. If trust cannot be attained, it is now the time to let go. Remember that being in an unhappy relationship kills you inside and slowly destroys your trust in love itself therefore leading you to stop trusting in God. By the time you decide to walk out of that marriage you are unable to love and truly love and trust.

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