Fear of Being Alone as Single Christians

Fear of Being Alone as Single Christians

Perhaps one of the greatest fears single Christians face is the fear of being alone. Some of us fear being alone as we contemplate the possibility of growing lonely, old and sick. I know of one single gal who actually works herself into an anxiety attack as she thinks about the fear of being alone. Yet, she paradoxically also has a fear of commitment. Go figure.

The idea of simply not finding a lifelong, true love relationship is a very real fear. Sometimes this fear of being alone can makes us think and do some crazy stuff. I should know cause I’ve been there, and done that years ago.

Fear of Being Alone Christian Pod-cast

Do you or some other single Christian you know suffer from the fear of being alone? If so, today’s church pod-cast will be an uplifting encouragement to you. Pastor Ron Edmonson of Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee (TN), speaks about this fear of being alone, and very relevant for Christian dating singles. Enjoy!

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