Female Commitment Phobia |Commitment Phobic Christian Women

Female Commitment Phobia |Commitment Phobic Christian Women

female commitment phobiaIs there really such a thing as female commitment phobia? As I teach in our single parenting seminars, commitment phobia is usually a guy problem. However, with over 49 million single women in the US alone, female commitment phobia is rising sharply. Why is this? There are many fears that keep women single but some feel this increase in female commitment phobia is coming from those who have been through a past troubled relationship, such as a divorce. For example, many have shared with us how dating after divorce can be a very scary experience.

Do you or someone you know suffer from female commitment fears?  If you answer yes to any of the below, you just may:

Female Commitment Phobia Signs

1. Do you often date men who are unavailable?
2. Are you staying in an abusive relationship that’s going nowhere?
3. Do you have an unrealistic list of requirements for a potential soulmate?
4. Do you get panic attacks right before a date that causes you to back out?
5. Are you constantly choosing your career over dating?

The sad thing about many singles, both male and female, who are commitment phobes, is that they don’t want to be. They desire deliverance from this kind of bondage, but feel there is no way to overcome. If this is your situation, please remember that there is no hopeless cause with Jesus Christ in the picture, and many single Christians get great benefit from a certified Christian counselor trained in this area of need.

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    • John

      Given the amount of people that suffer from phobias in the world it’s surprising there are not more places online to offer help and advice but there is help to be found at Ofear The Fear & Phobia Forum You will find people from all over the world giving helpful advice as well as specialists from hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and mental health nurses offering their expert knowledge about phobias.

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