Finding a Date in Your Local Area

Finding a Date in Your Local Area

Are you a  Christian single complaining on  how hard it is finding a date in your  local area? Oftentimes, the churches they attend either have no Christian singles group, or the available single people in their respective churches are not what we would call “keepers” (I thought I just heard a few amens out there!).

In fact, we recently found out through our own survey that this dearth of good single catches locally is one of the reasons why Christians would consider dating unbelievers. Yes, finding a Christian date in your area is not as easy as it seems. However, there is plenty of hope and opportunity. Our dating advice is to take a three pronged approach toward this goal.

Practical Steps Toward Finding a Date in Your Local Area

Pray While Taking Proactive Steps Toward Your Goal

What do we mean by that? Matthew 7:7,8 tells us to ask and we shall receive; seek and we will find; knock and the door will open. Now I know some of you are frustrated with prayer because you haven’t seen God move yet. No one ever promised waiting on God was going to be easy.

Yes, Jesus wants us to pray expectantly, but the above verses suggest He also wants us to take faith filled steps toward the object of our prayers. Often that means stepping out of our comfort zones by trying something new. If asking alone is not working, then you need to seek. If asking and seeking is still not working, then you may need to knock. Pray about what that may mean for you as you think about finding a date in your local area.

Join A Christian Singles Group

Besides fellowshipping with other singles, there are many benefits to joining a local Christian singles group. Don’t sweat it if your church doesn’t have such a group. Simply do a Google search for a Christian singles church group in your immediate area, and chances are you will come up with something nearby.

As a sidebar, one of the main reasons we started Christian Dating Service PLUS! was to fill a need by listing all known single Christian groups worldwide. And we are steadily doing that. We understand single Christians (whether they be college age singles, divorced, single parent moms or dads, or never married single adults) have a yearning not only to develop godly romantic relationships, but also to connect locally with other singles who share their beliefs.

Okay, I’m done plugging our site, so do check out a singles group if you are not already connected to one. You won’t be sorry, and you never know who God is preparing you to meet.

Try Online Christian Dating Services

In a previous dating article, we discussed the benefits of seeking a soulmate online. All of the dating services we review on this site, like Christian Cafe or Christian Mingle
offer free trial memberships with no obligation. They also allow you to search their large databases to find available dates in your local area.

Our suggestion is to read up on what makes a good online Christian dating site, then signup for free at a couple of those to try them out. If you are unsure how to find a date using online personals, our dating tips category offers practical help.

If you are a single Christian with further tips on how to find a date in your local geographical area, please help others by sharing your thoughts.

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    • Dean

      Every one of the Christian dating sites I have been on the last ten years (and their have been many). ALL have one thing in common. Their is NEVER a pool of “quality” Christians that live within 25 miles of me, that are also physically attractive. It never happens! And Even though some say they can relocate, they really can not or will not! Everyone I have ever hit it off with was way out of state and none of them were into long distance relationships. I feel like I am in an unlisted time zone! I only do totally 100% free sites now. But the problem still exists. I know I am not the only one who feels this way too. This also spills over into real life as well. Oh their are plenty of very attractive, what I refer to as false converts both on the web and in person. Its like good solid Christian women who are also attractive are either taken or not local. Maybe they just do not exist anymore. Maybe all the good one are really gone! Someone tell me this is not so!

      • Anna

        Dean, that is not true. There are good Christians out there waiting to find someone who is genuine (me being one of them). I once read a book on Christians and singleness that said something like this “The reality the world wants you to believe is that there is no good match out there and that you will never find your ‘perfect match’ because such a thing is only a dream. That is exactly the opposite. The ‘dream’ is that there are no good matches. The reality is that there is.” This book was basically directed at women, but it can be good for men too. It is called “Sacred Singleness” by Leslie Ludy. She is a very good author. I would recommend that you read this book, if you still feel this way. God Be With You!!

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