Finding Hope In A Hopeless Situation

Finding Hope In A Hopeless Situation

This week’s message is right out of the book of first peter.  Peter wrote this letter to christians who were either going through persecution, or were about to go through rough persecution.  Peter is praising God and encouraging the church by reminding them that they have been born again into a living hope through Christ’s finished work on the cross.  They are now sons and daughters of the Most High God and have been given an inheritance that is imperishable, and incorruptible!  In other words, Peter is in effect saying “I know things are getting tough but have hope!!  Jesus bought you with His blood on the cross and the things to come in Him will infinitely out way the bad things going on around you now!”

This message also applies to single Christians who feel hopeless in the sense that they will never find a good God-centered relationship.  Peter would tell you to keep your eyes on Jesus because He is your living hope!  In this life, we are just passing through as temporary residents.  Our real life is in Christ!  Stay focused on Him: On loving Him, seeking Him, and Living for Him!  Jesus himself says “In this world there will be troubles, but fear not for I have overcome the world!” Give this podcast a listen to see what God’s word says about having hope during difficult times!

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