Flirting Tips-How to Flirt with a Girl Online

Flirting Tips-How to Flirt with a Girl Online

Need some flirting tips? Flirting is an art, and those men who learn how to flirt with a girl will be more successful with both traditional and online dating. Just what does it mean to flirt? One definition in Webster’s on flirting reads: “to act in such a way so as to attract.” While some Christian singles are more  flirtatious than others, nearly all interested in a dating or courtship relationship flirt from time to time.

Many online Christian dating services like Eharmony Dating make it possible to communicate via e-mail, chat and IM’s with other singles. This format can be a very playful and fun way of flirting but should be done with some knowledge of online dating safety in mind. Many singles actually relay that they find flirting easier online because they are more at ease when the other person is not standing right next to them.

Understanding how to flirt online with services like Eharmony Dating, and what to avoid while flirting may help you get to the next level: a true dating relationship. The following flirt tips are are actually “pre-flirting” tips that will prepare you for the real thing

How to Flirt Online Successfully

Flirt Tip 1: First Let Them Get to Know You a Little Bit

Most people, especially single women, want to know some background on a person before they start flirting online. In other words, she may be thinking, “is the person flirting with me a whacko or is there a real possiblity of a relationship here?” If you begin flirting before making a proper introduction via that initial email, you have less chance of the person accepting your flirt. She probably receives a ton of flirt mail, so put some thought into your email message, and use proper email etiquette. This puts you in a better flirting position.

Flirt Tip 2: Have a Great Photo and Captivating Profile

Guys, this is what will make or break you, even if you are the best flirt on the web. Guess what’s the first thing a person will do after you make initial contact and begin flirting. Yup. They’re gonna check out that handsome picture you submitted (and if you don’t have one you are ten times less likely to have someone even acknowledge your presence).

The second thing a Christian single woman will do is read your profile and look at your screen name. A sparce profile may lead her to believe you a married player looking for a fling, or a complete neanderthal who lacks any sensitivity and brains.

Flirt Tip 3: Have a Creative Screen Name

A good screen name or user name speaks a thousands words. Have fun with this one, but make sure you get it right. Do we need to remind you guys that sexual innuendos are a big no no? I didn’t think so.

Flirt tip 4: Take it Easy and Slow

Single women like to be wooed, not run over. Please avoid asking her for a date on your first flirt. It usually won’t work. Instead, take the time to get to know her likes and dislikes, which will only help you become a better flirt the next time you meet online.

In a future article, we will deal with specific examples of flirting. In the meantime, putting the above into practice will help you in your online dating life.

Are you a Christian single with tips on how to flirt?

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    • Dave

      Sorry, but I’ve got to disagree with some of this. Single women like to be wooed, but it creates no attraction at all. Teasing them and gently making fun of them works a lot better.

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