Next Steps 2-Gallup Poll on Bible Reading

Next Steps 2-Gallup Poll on Bible Reading

Did you see the recent Gallup Poll on Bible ? Do know how to read the Bible? A better question would be, “Do you even read the Bible.” According to a recent Gallup Poll on Bible reading, only 10% of professing Christian singles (married Christian couples were a little better, sorry) read their Bibles on a daily basis. However, if you’re like me, do you sometimes read the Bible, but feel like you get nothing out of studying God’s word? Then the following Oasis-Church podcast of the week is just for you, whether single or married.

How to Read or Study the Bible

If you enjoyed the below podcast on How to Read the Bible, you may want to check out in person. Oasis is a new casual and contemporary church.

Next Steps Week 3-Connecting with Others

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