Dealing with Rejection as Singles

Dealing with Rejection as Singles

If you are a single Christian waiting on God for your soul mate, dealing with feelings of rejection can be very difficult! In a previous article we already mentioned how difficult it is getting over with unrequited love.  I was recently talking to a young man, who after months of searching for a potential Christian dating partner online using eHarmony and Christian Mingle to no avail, developed strong feelings for a young woman who had recently started going to his church.  They became friends, however, when he told her about his feelings for her, she told him that she can’t see them being more than friends.  This Christian single guy told me that he is having a very difficult time getting the feelings to go away.  The most frustrating part of his situation is that the feeling of rejection is preventing him from connecting with other girls that he meets!  If you have ever had feelings for somebody that didn’t return them to you, then you can probably relate to this guy!

Jesus and  OUr Rejection Podcast

Nobody on the face of the earth has faced as much rejection as Jesus. Just read Isaiah 53:3 and look at the last few days of His life leading up to cross. Whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself in this area, I simply think about what He went through for me.  There is hope at the cross. The following podcast  this past week  from Pastor Dave Butler at will help you get over the feeling of rejection, and get back on the right track with God and the opposite sex!  In this podcast, you will  find several tips on how to address the issue of rejection:

Get Your Mind on Others Instead of Yourself
Tell Your Heavenly Daddy Where it Hurts
Commit Your Future Into His Hands

How do you deal with rejection as a single person? How do you deal with bitterness? How do you deal with the feelings of isolation? Feel free to share with us.


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