GLEE-Week 1-Hope for the Future

GLEE-Week 1-Hope for the Future

Need hope for your life? Whether you are single, dating or in marriage relationship, one can use a little more hope for living in this world.  In fact one of the greatest “Glee Stealers” is hopelessness.The question is, how does one find hope in a world that at times seems hopelessly broken?

Oasis-Church-NJ Podcast on Hope

On 9/19/10, kicked off its GLEE series and officially launched as a new church with over 200 people in attendance. The topic of discussion was hope for the future. Do you have hope for the future? Listen in as Pastor Dave Butler explains how to maintain hope in a broken world.

Oasis is a brand new contemporary church.

Glee Week 3 – “Conquering Your Past”

Glee Week 6 Podcast

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