Good Christian Dating Relationship Signs

Good Christian Dating Relationship Signs

good christian dating signsWhat are some signs of a good Christian dating relationship? What are signs of a healthy relationship when dating? What qualities would you look for in the “right one” for you as a Christian single? Generally, the following list of signs should be present in your Christian dating partner if you are considering a lifelong commitment in marriage.

signs you are in the right Dating Relationship

  • Your dating interest (we assume he or she is a Christian) is growing more and more in love with Jesus. Just as important, he/she has not caused you to stumble sexually, but has also had a positive spiritual influence on you.

  • He or she has a good sense of humor. Why is this important? Life is full of valleys and tribulations, but a good sense of humor will help keep things in perspective. People who can see humor in their circumstances generally have a cheerful outlook on life, which is very important to a successful relationship. Proverbs 17:22 states “A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.”

  • He or she respects your feelings, needs, interests and dreams. They are not “control freaks” or overly possessive, but give you the personal space to succeed by being your own person.
  • He or she is able to converse and be vulnerable with you. This means being able to be intimate and communicate on the heart level. They can honestly share true feelings, whether they be positive or negative.

  • Your guy or gal possesses good conflict resolution skills, and knows how to argue constructively.

  • Your dating partner has loving relationships with their family members and friends. Watch how they treat those closest to them, because this is how they will most likely begin treating you.

  • Your single friend is financially stable. This does not mean they need to be a millionaire, but they should be able to support themselves.

  • Your dating partner is “over” their past dating relationship. If they are constantly bringing up the “ex”, you can assume this is not the case.

  • They take care of themselves physically and emotionally.

  • They have a good relationship with your parents and friends. Note: If your parents and closest Christian friends feel something is wrong with the dating relationship, proceed with great caution.

Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of good signs to look for in your Christian dating relationship partner. If you can think of any other positive dating relationship qualities, please consider helping other singles by sharing your views.

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    • David Butler Author

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      Wahu: Some of the great Christian dating and marriage relationships we see out there did not start out that way. Repentance, forgiveness and restoration is the Lord’s way. Surround yourselves with godly and trust Christian counsel, and let God heal you. This relationship can be saved if both are willing to come to the Lord with a broken spirit.

      • Rachel

        David, That is very true. My fiance and I haven’t been perfect – and in the midst of troubled times we stumbled after becomming true christians. I thought it would bring severe devistation to our relationship and even end it – but due to prayer, repentance, and forgivness (Gods and our forgivness of ourselfs and to each other)he has begun to heal our relationship. Jesus can do anything 🙂

        • bashir

          hello all this is bashir believer in the Lord since 10 from muslim back ground.and I am willing to get commitment Christian Girl firend who willing to know me and have me as her brother and Boy Friend! if anyone willing to contanct she will be most welcome to my life and my World too.

          • Priscilla

            pre-marital sex has never helped any relationship, abstinence is highly rewardin. Sex is a fire made for the firplace of marriage alone. Let us be wise dear friends..

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