Signs of a Healthy Relationship For Christian Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Signs of a Healthy Relationship For Christian Boyfriends/Girlfriends

signs of a healthy relationship
signs of a healthy relationship

Wondering what the signs of a healthy relationship are for Christian boyfriends or girlfriends?  Would you even be able to spot that good catch of a Christian boyfriend or girlfriend when they come into your sights? Recently, several singles sat down and came up with the following top seven signs you are in the right relationship with your Christian boyfriend or girlfriend:

Top 7 Great Signs of a healthy relationship

  1. Jesus is the most important person in their lives. Remember, if a Christian girlfriend or boyfriend loves the Lord above all, she or he will also be able to love you with more passion and purity.
  2. They have a network of loving relationships. Jesus said we can identify people by the fruit of their lives. If your prospective Christian boyfriend or girlfriend has had dysfunctional or unloving relationships with most of the closest people around him (i.e.: parents, friends, ex-girlfriends, etc.), what makes you think that your dating relationship will fare any better? Conversely, if they have great relationships already formed, you pretty much know you are dealing with a caring person capable of commitment and intimacy.
  3. They speak the truth in love. Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with boyfriends or girlfriends who are liars and cheaters. As we wrote elsewhere, the ideal soul mate will be able to lovingly express the truth to you, even when it hurts.
  4. They don’t hold grudges. 1 Corinthians 13:5 states love keeps no record of wrong. The fact is, we’re all gonna be need forgiveness now and again in all our relationships. If your Christian boyfriend or girlfriend finds it hard to show forgiveness and keep harping on wrongs done, chances are this is not the dating match for you.
  5. They are faith-filled optimists and love having fun. Did you ever notice how contagious light-hearted people are? Life is hard at times, but hanging around a Christian boyfriend or girlfriend who empathizes with the positive goes a long way.
  6. Shared Values and Vision. Common goals and aligned values, especially about faith, family, and the future, lay the groundwork for a unified journey ahead. A healthy relationship sees both partners working towards the same vision and supporting each other’s missions.
  7.  Reciprocal Affection and Care. The relationship exudes tenderness, care, and genuine affection. There’s a balanced give-and-take, reflecting Philippians 2:3, which advises believers to consider others as more significant than oneself.

    sign of a healthy relationship conclusion

    While every relationship is unique and evolves in its own rhythm, these signs can serve as guiding principles for Christian singles. A healthy relationship is not about perfection but progression. As you navigate the world of dating and relationships, always turn to Scripture and prayer for guidance, ensuring that your romantic life aligns with God’s plan for you.

    Remember, it’s essential to constantly evaluate and invest in your relationship. As Colossians 3:14 says, “And above all these, put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” This verse reminds us that love, rooted in Christ, is the ultimate sign of a healthy relationship.

Have suggestions to add to our signs of a healthy relationship with a  Christian boyfriend or girlfriend?


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    • Liz

      I agree with your list because it applies to who I am now except #2. Until last year I was not attending church and my friends were non believers living life freely without a second thought, using drugs, homosexual behavior. My family is was and is very abusive in all the catagories. I have forgive and given them chances again again, only to be punched in the car by a drunk sister, called a dog by a mother, and this is first layer of the abuse. I don’t have a close network of friends but I am friendly and loving to everyone now because I have learned hating those who hate me does nothing for me, that why Jesus mentioned it. I have stepped away from the worldly relationships, I have put boundries in my family relationships, my heart belongs to God and I thank God everyday for Jesus dying for me. I am hoping for a Christ loving relationships. What others decided to do should was their decision not mine, my reaction now is to love hope and give. I know I am blessed now and forever because Jesus Christ died for my sins. God bless.

      • Rhondeen

        like Liz I also disagree with number two. I have had a series of dysfunctional relationships but that is what makes the word “had” important. I think the signs of the great christian partner should be things that can be measured or observed in the present. One of the things we learn about Christianity is that we are all in need of forgiveness which means we all have something in our past. Thanks to Christ those can be removed and we can live in righteousness. What we need to make sure of is that the person we choose is one who is willing to walk with you to Christ and maintain Christ as the center of your relationship and lives.

        • Brittney

          What makes a good christian boyfriend to me is someone who sees you for who you are in the inside. I have been with my boyfriend for around 6 months. I use to be heavier and more overweight than I am now. No one had an interest in talking to me as much back then and I definately didn’t have any men like when I go to workout think that I am attractive or say stuff so I would say a wonderful good boyfriend will see you for who you are on the inside and not just the outside just as I see him for who he is on the inside and not for his color. Also its a really good sign when your boyfriend cares about how you feel and wants to know how they can help even if its a good thing like a goal you are trying to accomplish. I would say to listen to your spirit or the holy spirit and to pray if you are not sure if you are with the right person. This is only my second relationship ever and it is drastically different than my last relationship big time. I will tell you signs that someone is not a christian. I was with this man who claims he is a christian which is fine if thats what he says he is. In my opinion from past experience bad christian boyfriend signs would be control issues, threatening words, not being there for you when you are upset and crying, if he doesn’t like your mother and talks about her even though she didn’t talk bad to him and talked calm to him if she ever did and shes a wonderful person, when they try to keep you from your family,etc. Relationships don’t always last even when they seem so meant to be. The most important relationship that DOES LAST is with CHRIST!!! That is a hard thing to accept ,to accept the fact that someday you two might not be together but we must treasure life and every second of it. It could end any minute but you can have your relationship with CHRIST for always so don’t depend on one person but depend on Christ.

          • kayla Youngblood

            i feel true love someone to love with girlfriend. and boyfriend you like someone lot like to be nice and kind to talk with you on the pohne all night cechke your e-mail to going on with your friend to college and makeing a new friends. in college you know every think you do .

            • adrian

              I am scared i, know there is a god and jesus , my girlfriend claims to be christian , but according to scripter she is not and at times i am no better . But i want a closer relationship with jesus christ and god and hope this relatio ship is not going to bring me down, she’ s younger than me and i a don’t think she really thirsts for the peace that god has to offer , she is into harry potter and the twilight series and finds no wrong in them , even when i point out that they are satanic in nature. How critical should i be I don’t want to judge her. There must be signs and i dont believe she believes me or even takes it serious , it may be a matter of age difference and or life experience but for the most part it’s really hard not to not question her real intent in the reletionship , I have had premarital sex with two other partners prior to this one and have dealt with the consequence of sin from it . I dont have sex with her and it seems to be a big thing for her, I dont want to keep making the same mistake over again and want to have a worthy and right releshionship before god, maybe ive at times the real her shows through i fear that this maybe be all in vain . I dont want to hurt any one but I feel that there need’s to be a line drawn and good reasons for seperation . I know its my resposibility to show others that there is a god and a right way , but at the same time i dont want to squander my life away with someone who is not truely seeking god , jesus, peace . It took me a long time to see the truth and i dont feal that she will feel the same. It’s difficult to stay strong in faith with someone that doesn’t seem to take it seriously..i am bad at grammer and typing sorry! But need answers?

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