Great Sex Tips for Christians

Great Sex Tips for Christians

Great sex tips  for Christians anyone? I know some of you may be thinking, “Great sex tips? Why in the world is the topic ‘great Christian sex tips’ on a Christian website?” Just chill, ok?

Great Sex Tips-Why Talk About It?

First of all, God created sex and He wants us to enjoy it to the max in the way in which he designed it.

Second, just because the world has turned something God has blessed and called good into something ugly doesn’t mean we should not broach the subject. Why let the devil and the ungodly monopolize the topic?

Third, the best great sex tips are actually found between the pages of the Bible.

Lastly, if only more Christian singles (and all Christians for that matter) had a forum or outlet to discuss their sexual struggles in a safe and biblical way we would have less sin and heartache in our lives and churches. Sweeping our sexual impurities under a rug leads to hypocrisy and relationship disaster. Believe me, we get dozens of poor single Christians sharing their secret sins and struggles with us because many churches refuse to confront this issue head on. How sad!

Great Sex Tips Podcast

Well thank God there are still some pastors who are not afraid of offending people by confronting tough issues in a biblical way. In our Church podcast of the week, Pastor Matt Keller of the Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Florida (FL) brings us some of the best great sex tips you will ever want to need to hear.

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