Hope for Divorced Christians

Hope for Divorced Christians

The following article, “Hope for Divorced Christians”, was written by a divorced Christian guy, who answers the question, “Is there any hope for divorced Christians?”, through the lens of his own personal experience. The view he espouses is not necessarily the view of Christian Singles Blog:

As a divorced, Christian male in his late 40’s I have observed that in Western culture we have lost respect for and a Godly perspective of the institution of Christian marriage itself.  I am very disappointed with the direction our culture is going and I think the Apostle Paul saw some of the same problems in his time that we see today.

There are many competing philosophies and attitudes today that make the dating/marriage landscape somewhat harder for singles to navigate.  Here is a few of them: its okay to shack up, anti-male attitudes, unfair divorce laws, if it feels good do it promoted by media, social prejudices towards singles, and so on.

Paul, I believe wanted Christians to see that ideally marriage was an institution that God constructed to benefit men and women by being married and loving each other faithfully.

On the other hand, Paul knew that because of sin and social changes and upheaval that men and women who are Christians should always walk very carefully and see if and how marriage can fit into their lives. May God bless you and show you His plan for your life whether single or married!!!

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