How Not to Attract a Single Guy

How Not to Attract a Single Guy

A lot of single Christian articles out there write about how to attract single guys. However, sometimes learning how not to attract a single guy can also be useful finding the right kind of person. Let’s explain.

How Not to Attract a Single Guy Advice

Single guys are a different breed compared to single girls.  Many girls may try to attract guys by acting a certain way around them.  Don’t do it girls! The fact is this may turn them off.  Taking the following attraction tips will go a long way toward avoiding making your single guy date run away. Trust us on this.

How NOT to attract a Single Guy

  • Being too clingy.  Although you may feel like being extra attached or clingy to your boyfriend may make him feel that you care alot about him, the opposite may be true.  Guys relate women who are too touchy and clingy to being desperate and over emotional.  The best thing to do is to relax and just enjoy being with each other.  This will also make him more comfortable, and the relationship will have more room to grow.
  • Buying his love.  Trying to over impress him with gifts, and other similar things will make him get the idea that you are insecure about yourself.  It gives the impression that you don’t want him to get to know you, but instead get to know you money.
  • Laughing at everything that they do.  Many women want their date to feel like he is showing them a good time and that they are enjoying themselves.  However, laughing at every little thing that the guy says will just make him feel insecure.  This is because he will see through the fakness of your laughing and think that you are not truly enjoying yourself.  The best thing to do is to laugh when he says something that you find funny.

The bottom line is this: Please don’t try to attract a guy by doing these things. Taking it easy and just being yourself will attract just the right single guy for you.


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