How to Ask Someone Out on a Date

How to Ask Someone Out on a Date

How to Ask Someone Out on a DateAsk ten different people how to ask someone out on a date, and no doubt each person’s answer will be a little different than the next one. The following dating tips on how to ask someone out seeks to put together the best from what we’ve accumulated from other Christian singles.

How to Ask Someone Out on a Date Advice

How to Ask Someone Out on a Date: Practice But Speak from the Heart

Asking someone out on a date, whether a girl or guy, can be a tense experience for the simple reason you’re making yourself vulnerable to another person by sharing your feelings. A lot of singles wish they had their own personal Cyrano De Bergerac, but you don’t need that.

Practicing the general gist of what it is you want to share will help take away some of those pre-dating fears. However, the key here is not to over analyze your words, but to let them flow naturally from your heart. (This always works best. 🙂

How to Ask Someone Out on a Date: Time Your Swing

The Bible says there’s a time under heaven for everything, and that includes when to ask someone out. Besides the question, “How to ask someone out”, the question, “When is a good time to ask someone out?” is the next most popular. The answer is simple: Whenever you feel the other person can focus, and not be distracted by school, work, kids, friends or other responsibilities.

How to Ask Someone Out on a Date: Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Hey, I shouldn’t really talk on this one. It once took me two hours to pop the question to one girl. In frustration she finally blurted out, “What are you trying to tell me?” In order to avoid this situation, just remind yourself to be as specific about your intentions as possible. Oh, by the way….she said yes!

How to Ask Someone Out: Have a Dating Plan

If the person says yes be prepared with a some creative dating ideas that will be fun for both of you. Reading about first date do’s and don’ts will also be helpful at this time, that is, if you’re planning on having a second date as well.

How to Ask Someone Out: Commit the Result to the Lord

Whether the person says yes or no, remember the Lord has a future and plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Pray to your Father for guidance. If the answer is “no”, don’t put pressure on the other person for a reason. Remember your worth as a person is not connected to another human being, and rejection happens to the best of us. This just means the Lord has a better plan for you. Do you believe this?

Are you a single Christian with something to share about how to ask someone out?

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