Interpersonal Dating Relationship Tips

Interpersonal Dating Relationship Tips

The following article on interpersonal relationship tips was writtten by a Christian single by the name of Hazel:

I have just broken up with a guy who I was convinced was the one. I truly believe God in his providence allowed me to pursue a relationship with this guy to prepare me for the person he truly has for me. The truth is this guy became like an idol to me and was way more important than Jesus, (although I was in denial about this!!!.)

Top 4 Interpersonal  Relationship Tips

Keep Him at The Center

I think we should ask God to show us how to hold any interpersonal dating relationship loosely especially if we really desire to be married. Guard your heart until you are sure you are both in the same place spiritually and that you both want the same thing out of the relationship.

Guard Your Heart

That is, until you have full confirmation from God that this is the one for you and that does not just include going by feelings, it includes using your head to weigh up all factors.

Walk by Faith, nor by Feeling

Beware of the feeling of falling in love as this can cause a person to say things and make promises that they really have not considered in the cold light of day, which means you could end up hurt when they pull out or go back on what they say. That’ s the painful lesson I have learnt. God in his providence will use every bad experience to bring about his purposes for those he loves regardless of anything.

Take Your Time

I’m thinking give a relationship a year before you let your guard down and then if you both still want the same thing move forward. However if the other person is still unwilling to commit at this stage I would consider breaking up breaking up the  interpersonal dating relationship.

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