Interracial Dating Among Christian Singles

Interracial Dating Among Christian Singles

inter-racial christian datingInterracial dating is no longer taboo in today’s society, as witnessed by the many interracial dating service websites like Christian Mingle and eHarmony Dating Service . However, dating across racial and ethnic lines still remains a controversial subject in some quarters.

While Christian single interracial dating or married couples can live peacefully in most urban societies of the world, they may still be stigmatized in rural areas, and sadly even within the confines of their own church and family.

Therefore, any single Christian thinking about interracial dating should prepare for success by asking themselves the following questions:

Interracial Dating Question Checklist

  • What would your family and friends say if you told them you were dating someone from a different race or ethnicity?
  • If family and friends react negatively to interracial dating, what would be your response?
  • How will you and your interracial date respond to societal disapproval and outright racism? Prejudices could come in forms ranging from staring at a restaurant or church, to ostracizing and outright physical threats.
  • Have you and your  partner openly discussed cultural differences, and their implications if the dating relationship were to culminate in marriage?

Openly and honestly go over the above questions first by yourself, and then together with your interracial dating interest. This exercise will give you an indication of whether or not this  relationship could be successful.

The longest lastingrelationships and marriages are those which are able to weave the best of both cultures into unison with each other.

Finally, despite the increase in the number of interracial dating singles, many find it difficult to meet others in their everyday walk of life.This one of the several reasons why online interracial dating sites like eHarmony Dating Service have become popular.

Just in case you were wondering, all of the dating services reviewed on Christian Dating Service PLUS! have large search databases that makes finding an interracial date in your local area an easier task.

If have dated or are dating someone from a different ethnic or cultural background, please consider helping other singles by sharing your experiences with interracial dating.

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    • Tristan

      As it states in the Bible: the world will fall into sin more and more the further we move forward in time. We seem to be more tolerant of things we know are wrong. There are two entities that are seductively crawling themselves into a lot of churches. One is homosexuality, in which most true Christians still stand against, and the other is miscegenation. Both consist of a couple and ive noticed in a lot of non denominational churches you’ll see a rise in these two problems.

      The main issue is that mixed race couples and same sex couples see this loving and accepting atmosphere in these Christian churches and they see it as a place of refuge.

      I, myself, have met several mixed race couples in church and they are very polite and easy to get along with. I could say the same for a homosexual couple, but smiles and greetings are not going to get one saved and on the right track.

      I don’t believe that mixed races are intended by God in any way. Even the twelve tribes of the Jewish people were not to intermingle and they were basically the same race of people! This has nothing to do with “superiority” or who’s better than who, but a matter of keeping what God made in tact.

      • nikki d

        So, What about Ruth and Boaz; Esther and King Ahasuerus; Joseph and Asenath; Moses and Zipporah, etc?

        • Martin

          Hello Nikki and everyone,?

          My name is Martin and I live in the USA.

          I like to talk with people from all walks of life, as I like to live it to the fullest. Something interesting about me is that I was born in South East Europe, Bulgaria. I have variety of interests in my life as a young 24 years old single Christian university student. I will be glad to talk with anyone who wants to share his or her views about Christian single or married life and international dating too. I think there is a lot to be said on the subject. I enjoy travelling, and I hope so to be able, one day to get on the Greyhound bus and take a long journey across America. I know there are marvelous places to visit. There is always time for old Europe anyways?.

          If someone wants to reply to me to share their passion about God with me or express views on interracial dating, love, and relationships or simply wants to make a good Christian friend from Bulgaria, write me at:

          I will be happy to write you back.

          Best wishes and May God bless your hearts?

          • Sheldon

            White so called “Christians” would rather die a thousand deaths than to talk about, discuss, or mention Interracial dating.. Let ALONE marrying ANYBODY BLACK.. Asian? Maybe. Hispanic Yes. Indian? Black? NO. Let’s be honest. The stigma of ignorant ghetto rappers, pushed by a Godless liberal media, and the lack of responsibility in the Black community, is too much for the pure Aryan white breads to handle.. An educated black man has a better chance to date a KKK member’s daughter, than ANY given Christian white female on ANY given Sunday.. THIS ISN’T OPINION.. ITS FACT.. Have a nice day..

            • Beana

              I was in an interracial marriage and have a three year old son..I am black, my ex is white. I have interacial neices/nephews so this was no shock to my family and they are very open and acceptive. However, my ex’s parents were very much against interracial dating and they are the Pastor/First lady of our church. I feel that it’s definitely a form of racism being as we have mixed couples such as indian/white who are accepted with no problems. People definitey have their preferences which I can understand that, however, if you don’t like interracial relationships it shouldn’t be well, you can marry anything but black..that is racism nomatter what excuses you try to make. It even went far as to saying it can cause blood disease and thank God I have a very healthy mixed baby boy…People will use anything to cover up their ignorance. God does not say you can’t interracial date, actually what the Bible does say is don’t be unequally yoked with none believer. Race has nothing to do with it in God’s eyes and it’s said that people would make it seem like it’s a sin. God made us all and loves us all the same.

              • randy murphy

                yes i would like 2 date white sister idont c nothing wrong with it longest its a man n women so pass on my commit

                • bernice

                  it is so funny as a south African indian female, born in s.a ive always almost hero worshipped the states on the freedom for all across all barriers, its quite disappointing to read these comments as I would expect this in s.a as we are a democratic country for only 20yrs. really heartsore esp to hear it exists among Christians…..

                  • Edward

                    I m a black man aged 32year old looking for a white lady between 20 years to 30 years in the adventist denomination.i was baptised in 2000 in the same denomination.

                    • Oge

                      As an African female I don’t see anything wrong with dating or being married to a Caucasian what the bible warned us a against is not to be unequally yoked with unbeliever as a Nigerian as the innocent ones suffer a great deal for the offence of fraudsters its quite tiring being looked and suspected as a fraud or even being denied access to some sites becomes of my country in all of that I am still hopeful in finding me a white man lol you can say hello

                      • Sharon

                        My name is Sharon,
                        I am a black African lady, 27 years of age… 5.10ft tall, and beautiful(as people would always say). I think i’m a sweet and romantic kinda lady…and I bet you won’t regret meeting someone like me.

                        I live in Ontario Canada, and I need a God fearing white dude 30-50 years of age for a serious date, that could probably lead to marriage.
                        I believe in “bed undefiled” until my wedding night. Please, if you are looking for a ‘one night stand’ lady, you have met the wrong person; as absolutely nufin will make me jeopardise my personal relationship with God.

                        Meanwhile, like I always say, interracial marriage remains the best, but most hardworking kinda marriage… Cos it is adventurous, and I love adventures.

                        Hook me up on

                        You can send a picture of you or drop your Facebook ID, so I can add you up.

                        Please, while dropping your facebook ID, kindly describe what your profile picture looks like(eg the color of ur cloth or whatever), or you can simply make a screens hot of your profile page; as there could be many sharing same name as yours.

                        Thanks for your time.


                        • Camille

                          We need to realize that interracial mixing between whites and blacks have always been around. It happened in the days of slavery when Caucasian slave owners took advantage of their position and had sex “many times” unwanted with thier female slaves resulting in many children. Many black people born in the US and in the islands can through DNA testing prove there is European along with their African mixture in their blood line. In the old testament, God did command the Jews not to mix because He was concerned that other nations would draw the Jews away from Him to serve other Gods. Those commands were not to Non-Jews ( and it did not include those who were white Non-Jews). Now in Christ, and the New Testament, the command given is be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. The command was given for the same reasons so we who are saved are not drawn away from Christ to serve other Gods- but God did not say not to marry someone of a different ethnicity. Ephesians 2 and Colossians 3:10-14- are scriptures worth reading along with John 17 where we are now One in Christ.

                          • Alexander McLean

                            Tristan, I fail to see what Biblical basis you have for objecting to interracial couples. Israel was not to mingle with the nations, but there the issue was quite explicitly interreligious rather than interracial marriage – that foreign wives would lead to worshipping false gods, as indeed happened with Solomon’s many foreign wives.

                            Note that Ruth forsook the gods of her own Moabite people and embraced the God of Naomi. In any case, if you are going to anachronisticly apply the category of “race” Israelites, Moabites, Midianites, Edomites were all Semitic peoples. The issue was religion not race.

                            You give no reason for why “miscegenation” is a problem.

                            • Dammy

                              Alexander McLean, thanks for shedding light on this issue. I was initially sad and discouraged, but your comment clearly shows that there are lots of white people who still see all people created by God as one irrespective of their races. God bless you and increase your knowledge on His word.

                              • Vicky

                                The issue is not with race, the issue is with religion. We’re all God’s image, whether we’re black or we’re white. Since there’s no discrimination with God, who are we to discriminate other people’s skin color.

                                I think what we should be concerned about is who complements us, whose character we love and flaws we can live with, who has same Christian values as us, not necessarily people’s skin color.

                                So If you love white, let no one discourage you from going for it , if you love black go for it too. You don’t need to give anyone an explanation, but if your family is against it, I think you should be matured enough to let them understand it’s your life and it’s what you want.

                                If you don’t like to be with people of a different race it’s okay, it’s your belief, but don’t speak against it, coz there are other people who love it.

                                For instance, I’m a light-skinned black woman 22 of age, but I grew up knowing that a lot of white guys find me attractive as well as black guys too, so it’s up to me to now be with someone who shares same value with me. I love Jesus and he should love Jesus too and we’ll be good, regardless if we’re from a different race.
                                Even my family understands that already, in case he turns out to be from another race, I definitely wouldn’t have a problem .

                                Honestly I think we shouldn’t blind other people who are interested in being interracial couples if we have a different belief. Selah

                                Don’t mind my long epistle ?, I’m just a love freak, I love healthy and beautiful relationship. I’ve learnt so much in this aspect and I’m still learning, I’ve got enough bible reference to this.

                                If you want to talk more, send a dm on instagram @iamvickyrobs

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