Keys For a Healthy Marriage Relationship

Keys For a Healthy Marriage Relationship

Working in Family Court I’ve seen lots of unhealthy dating and marriage relationships. Let me add unhappy dating and marriage relationships. Not surprisingly, a University of Wisconsin stud revealed that over 90% of our future happiness is related to the kind of mate we choose to date or marry.

As Christian singles, we know our true joy, which is eternal, remains in the Lord. However, our happiness, based on transient circumstances, can definitely be affected by poor relationship choices. With divorce rates running between 40 to 50% in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, many are nodding their heads in agreement.  Below are some action steps for a healthy marriage relationship:

See Dating as a Means to an End

It all begins with dating, but it should not end there. For single Christians at least, the primary goal of dating should be a healthy relationship culminating in marriage. Otherwise, if you’re really serious about keeping yourself sexually pure before the Lord, why even enter a dating or courtship relationship?

Know What Kind of Person Makes For A Healthy Relationship

Part of knowing what kind of person makes for a healthy relationship, is knowing and avoiding the kind that doesn’t. For example, a single Christians dating unbelievers, and good girls who date bad guys would fall into this category.

Unfortunately, most churches don’t teach singles (teens to seniors) how to attract the right woman or man to date or court.. In fact. several reasons we started Christian Dating Service PLUS! was not to provide informative dating articles in this area, but also to show others how they can meet more single Christians online by expanding their search base.

Know What it Takes to Have a Healthy Relationship

It sound too simple, but it’s really true. The more one knows the signs of a healthy Christian dating or marriage relationship, the more likely the chance of creating one. Doesn’t that make sense?

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    • Brandon

      Notice, all of this advice applies to both people in a couple. Therefore this advice applies to homosexual couples as well. The foundations for a strong relationship are exactly the same despite a couple’s gender makeup

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