Kissing A Christian Dating Service Hello

Kissing A Christian Dating Service Hello

Only a few years ago, using an online Christian dating service was in large part taboo with Christian Singles. To be fair, it wasn’t just single Christians who thought using a Christian dating service or online dating site was a kooky or even sleazy thing to try.

For example, a 2017 poll revealed that less than 5% of singles in the U.S. and abroad would even consider using a dating site or chatroom. Today, over 60% of singles have either used or are seriously considering using online matchmaking services. Not a few of these have been Christian dating singles looking for a Christians soul mate through a Christian dating service. In fact, niche specialty, Christian dating services catering to Christians are one of the fastest growing segments on the web. Just do a Google search on the term “Christian dating service”, and you’ll see what I mean.

Why Christian Dating Services Are Growing

Why are more and more Christian Singles using online Christian dating services? What are some pros for using a Christian dating service? For starters, as Christians have become more comfortable surfing the web, they have also become more familiar with the many different Christian matchmaking, Christian chatrooms, Christian pen pals and Christian personals sites.

Many of these Christian dating services, like eHarmony, also mass market in traditional venues like radio and TV. Look, I don’t watch much TV (except maybe American Idol) but I bet I’ve seen that grandfatherly, smiling face of Dr. Neil Clarke Warren, the eHarmony founder, at least fifty times in the last year espousing how easy it is to meet that special someone. Familiarity may breed contempt in some relationships, but not with marketing: It breeds trust.

Single Christians Using a Christian Dating Service and the Church

Beyond familiarity and savvy marketing techniques, more and more single Christians are using Christian dating services for the simple reason that most churches are not geared toward meeting needs of single adults. How many churches go out of their way to form ministries and singles groups where Christian guys and gals can really get to know each other and grow relationships? I can tell you from our ministry that there are far too few churches reaching out in creative ways to single Christians.

I firmly believe that a local church is a God ordained great place to grow spiritually and find fellowship and serve others. That’s why we are building an online singles group and Christian coffeehouse directory at Christian-Dating-Service-PLUS. We want to help Christians connect locally, while also providing publicity for singles group ministries and churches that are reaching out.

Christian Dating Services Meet A Need

Overall, I see a Christian Dating Service as one alternative for meeting other single Christians of the oppositie sex. Meeting someone in a local singles group is definitely a better way of growing an intimate relationship, but most churches do not have specialized ministries geared toward the need of singles. In the meantime, Christian Dating Services are filling a need. What are your thoughts about Christian dating services?

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