Learning How to Forgive a Jerk

Learning How to Forgive a Jerk

One of the most important things we teach singles in our parent education classes is learning how to forgive their mates or previous dating partners. Yea, that includes learning how to forgive a jerk, abuser or user. Why? Learning how to forgive speeds the healing process, and prepares for future, healthy boyfriend/girlfriend dating relationships. Conversely, a lack of forgiveness brings bitterness and additional suffering.

Learning How to Forgive Podcast

Don Henley of Eagles fame sings about the need for forgiving and forgiveness in his song by the same name. Yet, some Christian singles simply do not want to forgive others for past hurts. Instead of making peace with the past, they prefer to hold grudges. But as our Christian podcast of the week speaker states: “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person who hurt us gets sick.”

What about those folks who want to forgive, but are confused as to what that means or how to actually forgive a past hurt? I do believe the following Church podcast on learning how to forgive will minster to you, and answer all questions in this difficult area.

In closing, I would really hate to leave this topic without speaking to those who are desperate for forgiveness and are living with intense guilt. If you don’t know God offers you total forgiveness and brand new start in life, please read how you can have forgiveness and peace with Him right now.

Have a forgive me poem or something to share about learning how to forgive?

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