Love and Seek Christian Singles

Love and Seek Christian Singles

As a Christian single, are you playing love and seek or hide and seek in your quest for a Christian dating match? I write this because many Christian singles I know say they seek true love, but sometimes by their actions bely that. It’s ironic but true that many single Christians who seek love also run away from love. Either out of insecurity or fear many “love and seek” single Christians play dating games

Love and Seek Christian Single Games

The following are some of the top dating games singles play:

  1. The Jealousy Game-You know how this goes: Talk enough about your ex so that you make your date jealous. Not only does this not work, its just plain mean
  2. Playing Hard to Get-This is a devious little game where  the game player makes the other person believe they are interested. However, the moment  the interested  person comes in  a little closer, the other single person inexplicably moves further away. Kinda reminds me of that jackpot legend at the end of the rainbow. The closer you get tot he rainbow, the further away the rainbow goes. Some folks actually call  by the name, Leading Them On
  3. The Mind Reading Game- This little games makes me the most frustrated. Really due to a lack of good communication skills with other singles, this game takes the form of your dating partner sulking or ignoring you in order to make you feel guilty or bad about “something.” What they really want is attention, but this usually backfires on them by making the other angry.

Love and Seek Tip for Christian Singles

Over all, do you identify with any of the above games? If so perhaps reading about positive Christian dating signs may help.

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